August 2011

Getting a large number of dogs in is a challenging situation at best.
Here we go though the intake process for 25 dogs, 18 Pomeranians and 7 Chihuahuas.
Not all of the dogs are pictured here.

08/04/2011 - the dogs have arrived.  I spent a lot of tears today.  Every single dog has issues.  They are caked on poop and mats.
The Chihuahuas are more flea covered than I have ever seen.  As we unloaded we did vaccinations and administered a wormer.  Tonight we try to sleep as tomorrow the work begins.

08/5/2011 - the cleaning process begins.  For the condition that these dogs are in and have been living in they are actually great in temperament.  Most are loving and sweet.  All are terrified of what is going on.  It is like they are enjoying the touching and care that they are receiving.  My heart goes out to them and I have shed more than just a few tears. These pictures don't even begin to tell the story of what these dogs have been though.  By the end of the day we had made it though 11 of the dogs. Several of the worst we spend between  5 and 7 hours in removing the mess.

As I look at this dog I didn't even know were to begin.  The poop on Avenue was a hard shell, like a turtle.   He couldn't hardly move around and his feet are covered with this hard shell as well.  He has been pooping inside of this shell and the smell is almost more than I could handle.  We found a nest of beetles inside one of the mats on Avenue.  His sweet face keeps me working though.  He is beautiful and sweet.  He smiled all the way through is bath.  He relaxed and was absolutely loving the little doggie massage.  It was heaven for him and probably the only bath he has had in many many years.  Once we got Avenue cleaned up and put him on the ground it took several hours for him to figure out how to walk again.  He had no control in his rear and was falling over.
I will let the pictures tell the rest of his story.
08/10/2011 Avenue has a home !!!


Compared to others Abby isn't the worst of the lot.  What you can't tell from the pictures is that she is tightly matted, with poop bound through it, all the way to the skin.  Initially she was very fearful, jumping from every noise.  As she began to realize that we were gentle and loving with her she began to relax and trust.  Once we released her tail from its poop encrusted prison where was plastered to her leg, she began to wag it constantly.
She is a very sweet girl who will make an amazing lap buddy.
09/02/2011 Abby has a home !!!

Eva, our Dobie, was so sweet checking on each one to make sure that they were ok.  I love this picture!


What an amazing transition.


LuLu found a home!!!


Red aka Xena found a home!!!



Solo is very afraid, you can tell that he hasn't been handled much and is afraid of the action of being picked up.  Once he is up he is as sweet as can bee.  He came in coatless and has a severe skin infection.  Regrettably we lost Solo through his neuter surgery.  His little heart just couldn't handle the stress of all that he had been through.


Thor came in marked "no name".  He was another one that carried a hard poop shell.  He is such a sweet boy and once he realized that every touch is making him feel better.   I worked on Thor for about 6 hours to get him all free of poop and mats.  He had a horrible internal parasite infection that had gotten all caught up into the poop crust hanging from his butt.  Through all of this he has been patient and loving and will make a wonderful family companion.
08/26/2011 Thor has a home !!!


 As we tried to remove the matting from Timer's coat it began to fall out in clumps so we ended up having to shave him down.  We found a big ole spiders nest bound up in one of the mats.  His skin was red and sore with infection.  Once Timer was cleaned up he is a sweet boy, kicking up the grass and having a great time.  He does have a pretty bad cataract in one eye, but manages very well.  Timer is definitely going through shock at the change in his condition.  We are treating him with extreme TLC until he adjusts.
08/21/2011 Timer has a home!!!

08/07/2011 - It was another long day and we are halfway there.  I thought I was prepared for the condition of these dogs coming in, but nothing can prepare you for this.  Every single one of them has been through so much and have all responded so well to the loving touches, soft voices and clean bodies.  They are completely different dogs from what they were when they arrived on Thursday.


Brian was definitely one of the better cases.  He had the same mats that were packed with poop and was flea infested, but overall we were able to save much of his coat.  I am so tickled to see these guys once they are all clean.  It is like they are completely new dogs.
08/26/2011 Brian has a home !!!

Sampson is a sweet and gentle guy who had a long grooming session.  He was so patient through the whole thing.  It took him some time to get past jumping at every noise, but the wonderful sensations of getting cut and cleaned won out.  He came through his 7 hour grooming session with ease.  Even the spider nest didn't phase him, although Sheila didn't do so well (she doesn't like spiders...).  He will need some gentle touches an soft caresses to fully recover from the past neglect.
08/21/2011 Sampson has a home with Sonya!!!


08/08/2011 - Day three of the grooming process closes with delight as we have gotten completely through them.  We are exhausted and relieved to have it done.  The dogs are delighted, feeling much improved in spirits they are romping and playing like they haven't in a very long time. Seeing them playing and smiling is all the reward we ask.

08/09/2011 We have found that several of the Chihuahuas have come into heat, stress and transition can cause them to come in.  So, they will be waiting for a couple of weeks before they can be released, but hopefully we will find them homes that will be waiting for them when they are ready.


Sonya is about as sweet as they come.  She is loving and patient, never complaining.  Once she was cleaned up and able to play in the grass she is funny and outgoing.  Definitely wants to be with her person and can be a bit of an acrobat leaping up onto the fence trying to see over the top.

08/21/2011 Sonya has a home with Sampson !!!




April had a very severe flea infestation on her face and in her eyes.  once we got them all removed her face around her eyes is raw sores.  Through all of this she is sweet and loving.  Snuggling in and thriving in the attention.  April does have a crooked nose, it appears that it was broken at some point...  Such a sweet girl, loving and a great cuddler.
08/28/2011 April has a home!!!




I think that Calvin is my favorite. When I took him out I expect him to be about the same that I had seen with the other heavy coated Poms.  I found more beetle nests (found those of several of them),  found earwigs, and the grossest thing of all was a nest of maggots.  I almost lost it.  This poor sweet boy was so patient and loving.  He didn't fight me one bit, but watched everything I was doing with such intensity that it was almost as though he just wanted to make sure that I got it all.
Calvin has a home !!!

08/10/2011 - Yesterday we got 7 boys and 1 girl in to the vet for spay/neuters.  Regrettably we lost one of the boys , Solo,  under anesthetic.  His little heart just couldn't take the stress.  The others are all doing great though.  Today has been about playing.  We are physically and mentally exhausted and today just needed to take time to play with them.  I have done a bit of listing on them and have some preliminary notations on our Available page.

08/13/2011 - Things are moving along well.   All the dogs are clean and getting lots of attention.  We woke up this morning to no water... we are on a well and all of the laundry and bathing tapped our well pump system to the max.  Pat worked most of the day on it and we were able to run a load of laundry this evening... then the washer quit... It is now 10:30 and it looks like he has worked his magic and all is working once again.  WHEW...  too many doggie beds to wash and doggies that will need a second bath to be without water and a washer...  We also did our photo shoot today and got some wonderful shots.  Tomorrow I will be getting these guys all listed on the on-line listings.  We have placed five so far.  YAY!!!!  We also received a couple of visitors who just came to hang out with the furkids - this is sooo important right now to get them used to being touched and held.  If you want to come out and visit them, just shoot me an email and we will set it up.  We have also received several donations over the past days.  Every penny makes a huge difference.  Thank you so much to those who have pitched in to help.  This was such a huge undertaking for us and we wouldn't be accomplishing it without all of your assistance.

08/14/2011 - Picked up food from the Pongo Fund today - YAY!!! These guys do such a great job in helping out where is needed.  Their donation will go a long ways in helping us get through this process.  We are still having well issues today.  The heavy water use has completely stressed our well system and we are continuing to fight that.  We have M&M Water coming out tomorrow... hopefully this isn't going to be an expensive one as we just don't have the money right now.  Gotta have water though...

08/15/2011 - The well is fixed and Mike is a gem.  So glad that is going again.  Now for the wash catchup...

8/21/2011 - I am so thankful for all the people who are being so supportive of these dogs.  They are doing great and are responding to people more every single day.  Seeing these guys going home is the best part of the whole process.  Knowing the love that they are going to give and to receive is the reward for doing this job.

08/30/2011 - Thanks so much to Darla and the guys (Carlos and Casey) at the Vault Martini Bar in the Portland Pearl District for the special event.  It was great getting to know everyone and the dogs had a great time.  We didn't get any applications directly from the event, but we did give out a lot of information and everyone got to share a whole lot of puppy kisses.  We are anxious to see how much money was raised for the furkids.

09/10/2011 - Thank you to American Pomeranian Club for the very generous donation.  Every penny will be put to good use.

09/14/2011 - I want to thank all of the people who helped us get through these activities. You have done so much in getting these guys into wonderful homes.  At this point we have placed all but three of the original 25.  We have also taken in several more that had gone to fosters when we got the rest.  We have one who is needing a more evasive surgery for a very bad hernia and are working to raise the funds for that.  We are working to putting our lives back to an even keel and are praying that it is a long time before we see dogs in this condition again.  We have gotten a lot of feedback about this page, both good and bad.  For those who have been critical about showing the condition of these dogs... "If these images help only one person to strive to take better care of the dogs depending on them, then it has done it's job."  To those who have been supportive... "Thanks so much for your kind words and financial assistance."

 To all of the breeders out there of every breed... is a challenge that could make a huge difference to shelters and rescues everywhere. 
"I challenge every person who breeds a litter of puppies to strive to rescue a minimum of one dog for every five produced.  That means removing it from a bad situation and placing it in a great home.  If you do not have the space to do that, then help a rescue do that.  That help could be in funds, dog food (buy an extra bag when you get your own and donate it to your local shelter), bedding (old towels or bedding is great), volunteering to help a rescue or shelter by cleaning, walking or training the dogs.  The list is endless.  If every person who breeds dogs cared about rescue and did their part to rescue, maybe we wouldn't have quite so many dogs in shelters."

Last year we rescued and placed 32 small breed dogs.  this year we are at 71 and we still have a good bit of the year to go yet.
If you think that there are enough rescues out there and that your assistance is not needed - you are wrong.  There are thousands of completely healthy dogs every year that are euthanized because rescues like me are to full or do not have the funds to take in more.
YOU CAN make a difference.

11/20/2011 - This will be my last journal entry on this event.  Looking back over the past three months the whole activity seems a bit surreal.  The amount of work that we undertook was huge.  I would do it again though and, sadly, am sure that there will be a future challenge. We have placed all except for three of the sweet little Chihuahuas.  Hopefully they will get their new homes by Christmas.  Looking toward winter and the holidays I pray that every single rescue under our care gets their Christmas wish in a wonderful and loving family to share their love with.


The thankless jobs that people forget about.

 - bleaching the delivery kennels.  "Thank YOU Christiana"

Poop Doodie, "Thank You Sheila!!!"



- socializing and soothing - "Thank you Sheila, thank you Christiana and thank you Robin."
"I could not have gotten through this without all of you."

*** Personality Profiles and Socializing***

"Whatchya doin???"

TEE HEE a girl!!! and she wants to play with us!!!
This is Christiana, one of my granddaughters.

Cuddles and Kisses - can't ask for better than that.

Advertising Photo Shoot
Some of our favorite shots.


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