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10/07/2016 - What an amazing month.  Stacy Lou Who's surgery went famously.  Her heart has been successfully repaired with no future issues anticipated.  We have completed integrating our 19 incomings of a couple weeks ago and have completed all of their vetting.  We have been working hard on the expansion and nearly have all the plywood and tarpaper up.  With the sun this weekend we are hoping to have that bit done.  We will be ordering the metal first of the week.  Fund raising wise, we have two on-going fundraisers the Expansion and the Special Needs/Senior (posted with Alfie's detail.)   Thank you so much to every all of our donators.  Without your help we couldn't be doing the big things we are doing now.  As of today the Expansion is the place we need help the most.  Please continue sharing and donating.  Even a small amount, the price of a cup of coffee, makes a difference to the dogs here.

See more Expansion detail and LOTS of pictures on this page. Expansion Project

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You can email me for donation options, or donate through paypal friends and family to  You are welcome to donate directly to our Vet, the Companion Pet Clinic in Forest Grove is our primary vet.   If you do donate directly to the Vet please advise me, at the above email, so that I can ensure we get the appropriate credit and get you a receipt for your taxes if you need one.  You can also mail a donation to Displaced Pets Rescue, 54582 Nehalem Hwy S, Vernonia, OR 97064.

California donators please use this paypal friends and family email address.


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Your donations are what allows us to continue rescuing these little guys and we are working hard to extend the scope of our efforts all the time.  In today's economical environment that can be very difficult, but it is even more important.  We are totally donation funded so these continuing efforts needs your assistance.  No donation is to small and every penny will be put to the best use possible.

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We do our best to keep our placement fees low.  The pricing you will find very depending on the age, health and Vet care involved with the rescue.  We attempt to recover our Vet funds so as to pass them on to the next needy fur-baby.  Our minimum placement fee is $75, the maximum we will charge will be $350, even when the vet bill is in the thousands, we will never ask more than $350.  We are a small organization with a limited donor base and no government or outside funding, we rely on adoption fees to support our mission.  All pets are Spay/Neutered, vet checked, current on vaccines, and micro chipped before leaving our care.  Additional donations are greatly appreciated.
We are a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Corporation so your donation is tax deductible. 

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The adoption application is required prior to setting up an appointment to meet the dogs.
Meetings are done by appointment only after a complete application is received and approved.  The application is a key part to the interview process so please give me thoughtful answers as yes/no responses may be eliminated for lack of detail.

Please be patient while the pictures load.
We currently have quite a few dogs available so it may take a bit of time.

-Captain Jack Flash-
Arrived 11/17/2015
Breed: MinPin/Chihuahua/Pom
Gender: Male

Age:  approximately 6 years
Weight:  7 pounds

Jack is a absolutely effusive lover. He is one of our stars at our rescue events greeting everyone with enthusiasm.  He loves curling up with you under a blanket and will absolutely smoosh himself into your lap. He can be an alpha dog so we are looking for a home that understands the slightly alpha dog behaviors. We are looking for a home without very young children, older children are great. Where he loves children we think that his "in charge" attitude could be a become a problem with very young ones, if training is not followed through with. He would be wonderful in a home that enjoyed obedience and rally activities.  We are saying some serious prayers that Captian Jack finds him home before his one year anniversary here with his.  He is such a disserving and amazing little guy.

Jack- "It's really cold out here... Can't I get in your coat with you?"
Me - "Nope"
Jack - "But I LUB YOU"
Me- "shoot.... how do I say no to that..."


Arrived 06/23/2016
Breed: Poodle
Gender: Male

Age:  approximately 7-9 years

Weight: 8 pounds

Gordan takes his time getting to know people.  Once he accepts he is generally very sweet.  He was very tolerant of his grooming, although feet and face were a bit of a challenge, but we managed it.  His coat is very thin and patchy, it appears that he is recovering from a flea infestation and is recovering.  He had a little mass removed from his nose, but all is well there.  At this point an adult home is what we are seeking.
This first set of photos were taken 08/09/16 as you can see he is getting thicker in the coat all the time.

These are the pictures taken upon his arrival.  His coat is much improved.


Arrived 07/30/2016
Breed: Chihuahua
Gender: Male

Age:  8 years
Weight: 6.5 pounds.

Ziggy came to us after the death of his owner.  He is a bit on the skittish side, but is coming around well.  When I go to pick him up he will shy away from me, then leap up into my arms.  At this point he isn't much of a cuddler, but I can see that potential there.  Even though Ziggy and TT came from the same home I do not feel they are bonded - they actually argue often so would like them to have homes of their very own.


Arrived 07/30/2016
Breed: Chihuahua
Gender: Male

Age:  6 years
Weight: 8 pounds.

TT also came to us after the death of his owner.  TT was the first to come to me.  He will shy away when things are scary but leap up into my arms.  Even though Ziggy and TT came from the same home I do not feel they are bonded - they actually argue often so would like them to have homes of their very own.


-Stacy Lou
Arrived 08/14/2016
Breed: Pomeranian
Gender: Female

Age:  Approximately 2-3 years
Weight: 10+ pounds.

Stacy Lou is a super sweet little girl. She response so well to commands and loves to hang out for attention. Her small left eye is a birth defect that is moist and does not require any medical treatment at this time, just monitored to ensure it remains moist. She has been sweet with the other dogs and ignored my cat. She is lovely on a leash and was so very good at the Vet and Cardiologist.

10/07/2016  Sounds like I need to do some serious clarification on the condition requiring Stacy's surgery and what the defect was. Stacy does not have a "bad heart".  In fact her heart is in great condition considering what she has been living with.  There is some enlargement, but that is expected to resolve now that the surgery is complete.  The defect wasn't in the heart itself, but the arteries that supply the blood to the heart. There is a small vein that crosses between the two arteries supplying blood to the heart. Through pregnancy this is necessary because the lungs are not used.  Shortly after birth that vein closes off. Occasionally they don't, Stacy's didn't, which is PDA. The surgery that Stacy had was to do what nature forgot in her and resolved the birth defect closing off the crossover vein. The prognosis is amazing and she should have no issues in the future as a result of the defect or the surgery.  The valves and heart itself is all good.  Stacy still has a post surgery cardio visit coming up, and is doing wonderfully with her recovery.

With her eye - she was born with a small un-usable eye. Having the eye removed will keep her from having issues in the future as the lower eyelid was turned inward and would have been prone to causing contamination and infection.

Now that Stacy's surgeries have been completed there is no reason to expect she will have anything but a normal life.  We have already seen huge changes in her demeanor and activities.  She is super sweet and loving and is now  playing like a youngster should.  She will make a wonderful family pet.

10/04/2016  I can't believe the difference in Stacy after her surgery.  She is outgoing and playful, where before she was more just hang around.  She is feeling wonderfully an will do great in most any family situation.  She is ready for a home at any time.  We are looking for someone in the Portland and surrounding area that will commit to the cardio follow-ups that are still in her future.  We believe that the success of this surgery will allow her to a have a long and healthy life.

09/30/2016  Stacy's surgery was a success.  Post surgery picture on the right.  Not only did they repair her heart, the surgeon discovered that the eyelid on her bad eye was turned in and causing irritation on the eye.   He was able to remove the eye during the surgery.  The total bill came to just over $2,500 - I will be posting a copy of the final bill shortly.  We are still a bit short from covering this so donations are still needed.

09/08/2016 We have an official estimate from the Cardio Surgeon between $22 and 2300. We have applied for funding from a couple of sources, but cannot depend on those. Surgery date is 09/28. This link is to the surgeons estimate.

09/01/2016 We had our visit with Dr Woods. She has a condition called PDA. The good thing is that this is completely operable. Her murmur is 5/6 on one side and 6/6 on the other. There are no issues with the valves and the surgery will resolved everything. Here is a link to a sheet that Doc provided explaining what PDA is and what the surgery entails.

With Stacy Lou's vet visit we have found that she has a very enlarged heart and a 4/6 murmur. We will be contacting cardiologists next week to see if we can find one that is willing to work with us on payments or reduced costs. Specialists are expensive and we truly appreciate any and all assistance in covering this additional expense. We have an appointment to see Dr Woods at Cardio NW on the 1st.

Over the next few days we will be working to determine which Cardio Surgeon we will be using and get the surgery scheduled. In the meantime this surgery is going to cost a minimum of $2500 so we have created a new fundraiser specific to her needs. Please donate and share - every single dollar will make a huge difference. Oh - Doc also indicated that he does not believe she is 5 years that we first thought, he figures 2-3, so I have updated her age indicated above.


Arrived 08/14/2016
Breed: Pomeranian
Gender: Male

Age:  Approximately 3 years
Weight: 6 pounds.

When Duke arrived he was a terrified little guy.  Taking things slowly and giving calming homeopathies have made a huge difference in him.  He is totally engaging and will settle and cuddle with him.  There are things that he startles to, but those are getting better all the time.  We are looking for a home without very small children as there is a bite risk when he is in his frightened state.  He is doing great in the crate through the night and having no issue with the other dogs or my dog savvy cat.  He is good on a harness and leash.


Arrived 08/17/2016
Breed: Pekinese
Gender: Female

Age:  10 years
Weight: 9 pounds.

Jill is an absolute love of a girl.  She came to us from one of our Oregon shelters after being found as a stray.  She has a tendency for dry eye in on eye requiring daily ointment.  She also arrived at the shelter with a sever case of fungus and yeast infection on the skin.  She is responding well to treatment and is super tolerant of bathing.  She appears to have some level of house training.


Arrived 08/26/2016
Breed: Pomeranian
Gender: Female

Age:  10 years
Weight: 6 pounds.

Precious is a senior girl who would love to hand with her people all the time.  She has some typical senior issues, a bit of cludiness in her eyes and some arthritis in her hips and knees.  She does have luxated patella's, but manages it well.  She is doing great with the other dogs and has done well in the crate through the night.  She was pretty anxious about getting pictures so will take more in a few days after she is more comfortable.


-Dezi & Lucy
Arrived 08/26/2016
Breed: Pomeranians
Gender: Male and Female bonded pair.
These kids are only going to be placed together.

Age:  10+ years
Weight: 5.5 pounds each

Dezi and Lucy are bonded senior kids looking for a place to live out the rest of their lives.  They nearly didn't make it out of the Calif shelter together, but we got them safe and will keep them together.  They have general senior complaints, and I believe that Lucy has had a stroke at some point.  She is doing quite well but there are some symptoms there.  They have been totally fine with the other dogs and are adjusting to life in my living room quite well.


Arrived 09/04/2016
Breed: Pomeranian/Spaniel
Gender: Female
Age:  approximately 6 years
Weight: 6 pounds

Nikki is adorable.  She came to the shelter with a broken leg that is healing well.  We will be changing the cast out later this week so will have a better idea if further surgery is needed.  At this point we don't believe it is.  Nikki has done great with the other dogs and took a nap with my cat.  She is sweet and engaging and loves couch time.

09/30/2016  Nikki's cast if off and all is doing great.   She is a super sweet engaging girl who seems to love everyone.
She will make a great family pet.


Arrived 09/18/2016
Breed: Spaniel Mix
Gender: Female
Age:  approximately 1year
Weight: 6 pounds

Gidget such an elegant pretty lady.  I believe she has had some abuse and she is terrified of most everything.  We are working on getting her to allow handling.  Transition will be a slow process for Gidget.  We are looking for a quiet home without children.  Other considerate pet companions will be considered, but dominate pets are not an option.  Gidget appears to be piddle pad trained.  We have not worked with crate training as being put in and taken out of the crate is just to terrifying for her.


Arrived 09/18/2016
Breed: Pomeranian
Gender: Female
Age:  approximately 2 years
Weight: 10+ pounds

Trixie's genetic small eye causes her no concerns at all.  She does get a little bit of tearing from it, but that is normal for this situation.  She is a super sweet girl.  While fostering with Sondra Trixie and Ella were buddies.  Trixie did wonderfully with all of Ellas attention.


Arrived 09/18/2016
Breed: Pomeranian
Gender: Male
Age:  approximately 7-9 years
Weight: 6 pounds

Alfie is the sweetest love ever.  We are treating his infected eyes and he has seen much improvement.  When removed from the shelter both eyes were so severely infected that we didn't know if we could save either one.  The right eye had to be removed, there was just to much damage to it.  The left eye is doing great. Alfie is so patient with all of his meds and examinations, loves to hang out on the couch and is wonderful with everyone who has been visiting us.  He is great on a leash and has been social and gentle with the others furkids.

10/19/2016 - Alfie has had the surgery to remove his bad eye on Monday and is doing wonderfully.  His Vet care was graciously provided by a new program called Hannah's Helping Hands.  This program is designed to help rescue dogs that are in medical need, helping rescues like us to get them healthy and ready for their new forever homes.  Alfie is the very first recipient of this amazing program.

Even though Alfie's vet care taken care of we are asking for contributions into our Special Needs funds.  Those are depleted with some of the things we have been through the last few months and we want to be able to take on the next case that finds its way to us.


Arrived 09/18/2016
Breed: Long Coat Chihuahua
Gender: Female
Age:  approximately 2 years
Weight: 5.7 pounds

Ginger is a sweet goober.  She is a bit shy of the whole new situation stuff, but is coming around well.  She gets along well with the others dogs and appears to be piddle pad trained.  She has done great in the crate through the night.


Arrived 09/18/2016
Breed: Puff Chinese Crested
Gender: Female
Age:  1.5 year
Weight: 7.9 pounds

Laney didn't want to get pictures.  She wanted to roll around, get belly rubs and just be all around a clown.  She is a sweet active girl who will do great in a family environment.


Arrived 09/20/2016
Breed: Chihuahua
Gender: Male
Age:  approximately 2 years
Weight: 5.5 pounds

BJ is coming around well.  He is still shy in the new situation, but is getting better every day.  He has done well in the crate through the night, but it isn't his favorite place to be and will have an accident if it is overly long.  He has done well with the other dogs and definitely believes he should be the only dog on the couch. 


Arrived 09/20/2016
Breed: Poodle
Gender: Female
Age:  approximately 8 years
Weight: 7 pounds

Lady Sadie, fun little thing. She has lived in a home with older children so will be great there.  She does great with the other dogs and met nose to nose with my cat.  She is very good on a leash and has had some level of house training, transitional training is always needed.


***Placement Pending***
Arrived 09/20/2016
Breed: Pooodle
Gender: Male
Age:  approximately 6 years
Weight: 4.3 pounds

Jet is a goober.  Tiny little thing who loves being in arms the bestest.  He is also content to sit under my feel while I work.  We have had no issue with the other dogs or the dog savvy cat.  He did think that the leash was for playing tug-o-war rather than walking.  He, as with all tiny dogs, will do best in a harness.  We use the kennel leads for pictures so that you can see their whole body.


Arrived 09/20/2016
Breed: Chinese Crested
Gender: Female
Age:  10 months
Weight: 9.18 pounds

Cammie, with her cool Cruella Deville hairdo, is full of energy.  She is a super sweet lover in arms and will settle with me on the couch.  She is the queen on the living room and likes to be on the back of the couch surveying her kingdom.  She is so totally ready for a great obedience class and would be an amazing candidate for agility training.


Arrived 09/20/2016
Breed: Boarder Terrier/ Chihuahua Mix
Gender: Male
Age:  approximately 5 years
Weight: 9.5 pounds

We are thinking Munchkin is a Boarder Terrier / Chihuahua mix.  Super sweet lover of a boy.  Outgoing and goofy.  He does great in the crate through the night.  He did great on the leash and does appear to have a bit of obedience training.  He should adjust quite quickly in the right home.  He has a great personality and would be a great Obedience Competition canidate.

Lookie him givin me attitude... LOL


Arrived 09/20/2016
Breed: Chihuahua
Gender: Male
Age:  approximately 4 years
Weight: 5 pounds

Ringo is taking a bit to adjust to having new people handle him  He is doing quite well, but transition will take a bit of time.  Once calm he is sweet and engaging in the arms and settle on the lap.  He will need some work in getting him to come out of his shell.  We are looking for a home without very young children.  Tweens and older who can understand his body language are going to be great for him.


-Ivy and Bean
Arrived 10/22/2016
Breed: Chihuahua Mix
Gender: Females
Age:  approximately 1 and 5 years
Weight: 5 pounds each


Ivy and Bean are super sweet girls.  They are bonded and will be kept together.  Ivy is about a year old and has had a rear leg amputation.  Bean  is about two.  They have been with a foster for several months and are very well adjusted.  These two have transitioned here quite well and are sweet and affectionate kids.  More pictures will be coming soon.


Super cute video :)

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