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10/01/2014 -  Some of you have seen on our Face Book pages what we have been going through in our personal lives.  Our oldest son was in a an accident on  09/01 and I have been away helping with his care.  I have an amazing friend who is helping us get through the placement process with the dogs currently under our care so placements are happening, just be patient with us please.  I will not be doing much intake until I am back at home, likely near the end of October. 

You can email me for donation options, or donate through paypal friends and family to  You can also donate directly to our Vet, the Companion Pet Clinic in Scappoose, OR.  If you do donate directly to the Vet please advise me, at the above email, so that I can ensure we get the appropriate credit. 

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11/14, 15 & 16/2014
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Your donations are what allows us to continue rescuing these little guys and we are working hard to extend the scope of our efforts all the time.  In today's economical environment that can be very difficult, but it is even more important.  We are totally donation funded so these continuing efforts needs your assistance.  No donation is to small and every penny will be put to the best use possible.

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We are a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Corporation so your donation is tax deductible. 

We do our best to keep our placement fees low.  The pricing you will find very depending on the age, health and Vet care involved with the rescue.  We attempt to recover our Vet funds so as to pass them on to the next needy fur-baby.  Our minimum placement fee is $75, the maximum we will charge will be $350, even when the vet bill is in the thousands, we will never ask more than $350.  We are a young organization with a limited donor base and no government funding, we rely on adoption fees to support our mission.  All pets are Spay/Neutered, teeth cleanliness in good shape, current on vaccines, and micro chipped before leaving our care.  Additional donations are greatly appreciated.
We are a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Corporation so your donation is tax deductible. 

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Arrived 06/24/2014
Breed: Chihuahua
Gender: Female

Age:  Approximately 7 years
Weight:  7 pounds

Luchia is a sweet little gal.  She is just a bit fearful of the initial touch, but settles into the arms quite well.  Now that she has adjusted to the home she is sweet and engaging.  She willingly comes to me and is just an adorable cuddler.  She will make someone a great bed-dog.  She appears to have some level of house/piddle pad training and does great in the crate at night. 


Arrived 08/04/2014
Breed: Papillion Mix (maybe IG???)
Gender: Male
Age:  approximately 9 months
Weight:  7 pounds


Frankie is a shy little guy who is learning what it is to be loved.  He is coming around quite quickly to handling and will make a great family dog.  He has done great with kids and has no issues with the other dogs or my cat.  He still needs work in the house training department, but that is coming along as well.  He sleeps in his crate at night and is anxious to be out and start the day in the mornings.


Fuzzy (Daddy) 3 year Male, Frankie 9 month Male, and Baby Freda 12 week old puppy.
Baby Freda and Fuzzy have both been placed.

When my little family arrived from a California Shelter ill with pneumonia so we have been spending a lot of time working on their recovery.  We did loose the mother shortly after their arrival, which was traumatic for the family as well as us.  The rest of the family are well recovered and now both Baby Freda and Fuzzy have been placed.  Frankie is still looking for his forever home.


Arrived 08/19/2014
Breed: Long Coat Chihuahua
Gender: Male
Age:  DOB 11/13/2013 (9 months)
Weight:  7 lbs

These little Long Coat Chihuahuas came from on Oregon Shelter after they were removed from their home.  Tucker is such a sweet little guy.  He just wants to be hanging out with his people. 



Arrived 08/19/2014
Breed: Long Coat Chihuahua
Gender: Female
Age:  DOB 08/17/2011 (3 years)
Weight:  7 lbs

These little Long Coat Chihuahuas came from on Oregon Shelter after they were removed from their home.  Zoey has been a momma before and is a sweet and gentle care taker.  She comes to be picked up and knows that the bed is where she belongs.  She has such pretty colors in her coat and her sweet expression tells it all.


Super cute video :)


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   Humane Societies in the Portland area.  
If you are considering surrendering your dog, please verify if the shelter you are considering is a kill shelter.
I have only indicated (No Kill Shelter) if I know.  That does not mean they are the only ones.


Clackamas County Animal Control (503) 655-8628
Columbia County Animal Control (503) 397-3935
Marion County Dog Control (503) 588-5366
Multnomah County Animal Control (503)248-3066
Oregon Humane Society  (503) 285-7722
(No Kill Shelter)
Humane Society of Southwest Washington Vancouver (360) 693-4746
Washington County Animal Services at Bonnie Hayes (503) 846-7041


West Columbia Gorge Humane Society (No Kill Shelter)
Cat Shelter Phone (360) 835-3464
Dog Shelter Phone (360) 335-0941

Bingen/White Salmon Police (509) 493-2660 or 493-1177
Goldendale Animal Control (509) 773-3780
Klickitat County Sheriff  (509) 773-4545
Hood River County Animal Shelter (541) 386-2711
Hukari Animal Shelter / H.R. County Shelter (541) 354-1083
Columbia Gorge Cat Rescue  (541) 386-2743
Dead Dog Walking Pit Bull Rescue  (541) 993-3647
Home At Last Humane Society / Wasco County Animal Shelter (541) 296-5189
Wasco County Animal Control  (541) 296-5454
Rowena Wildlife Clinic  (541) 386-1162
Skamania County Animal Control  (509) 427-9490


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