Expansion Project

This project began 04/01/2016 the day we moved the job trailer onto the property. All of the work has been preformed by Pat and myself, and volunteers that have come to help.  The progress has been mostly as the funds have allowed.  This is absolutely a huge work of love for us. 
Expansion updates will be posted here.
Progress continues and donations are disparately needed to continue that momentum.

Donations can be sent by paypal to christy@displacedpetsrescue.com
or email me at the same address for mailing information.

06/01/2022 - I know that it has been sometime since I posted here.  We are calling this project closed.  We love our new space and will forever be grateful for those who have helped us through this.  We always have projects going on around here so if you have a desire to volunteer for a construction project just ask :) :) 

11/22/2020 - With the cold weather season upon us we will be slowing our improvement projects.  Hopefully next year we will be able to manage the last of the big projects of the rebuild for the south deck and the fountain garden.  Over the past couple months we have been able to finish the gable fascia on the Creek deck, have most the lights installed under the run awnings and made some headway on the rain gutters. Our oldest son is having a major back surgery in Jan so we are waiting to move the desk into the new office space until we know if he will need a bed here for his recovery.  This room is the easiest access for his wheel chair.  This may be my last update to this page for just a bit.

09/16/2020 - The doorway is complete. Also finished my super cute corner accent shelf and hung my Pommie Plate collection. Now to get the room pulled together so it can become my office rather than the construction room. The picture on the left is the dog room side, the one on the right is the office side.  Other than the move of my desk into the office, this is the last of the major inside projects related to our expansion.

08/29/2020 - Gosh it has been a while since I updated here.  We are definitely making 2020 count.  Even with the pausing of our California program we have been saving and placing a lot of dogs.  Along with that construction continues.  We recently put in a central vacuum system and are loving it.  It has made keeping the dust down easy, and grooming cleanup is a breeze.  We finally got the ductwork completely connected to the ducts in the dog room.  Now we have even heat and cooling throughout the new room.  We definitely didn't do it the way the PROs would have, but what we did gives us the same sq inch flow and it is prettier than the galvanized options, plus it is insulated.

Our latest project has been the entry and updates into what will eventually be my office.  Getting the doorway in and doors mounted is such a huge update.  This will also clear the path for the next major project of replacing an old original deck that is in bad need of replacement.  Here are some pictures along the way to the doorway installation.

01/06/2020 - Welcome to 2020!!! and the year long celebration of our 10th year in service!!!
This year on the construction in we completed the last two awnings and the storage sheds with connecting awnings.  Where we feel that we are seeing the end of the big stuff we still have a list for 2020. 

Electrical for the sheds.
Lighting under the run awnings.
Rain gutters for the run awnings.
Finish the gates and fascia on the creek deck.
Re-build of the old South deck which is decaying (this will be broken into several events).
Construction of a fountain area near the south run to create another peaceful place for doggie play and work times.

09/09/2019 - Can't believe the progress we have made in the past month.  Such wonderful things.  I just love it when I can say a specific job is "done" and we are very close with all three of our major builds this year.  Here's what's left:  rain gutters and lights on the north and south awnings.  Shed doors, windows, trim, electrical and the back awning.  Getting super close.

08/13/2019 - we made great headway with the sheds last weekend.  Roofs are on and the metal for them will be here on Friday.  Challenging trying to work around the rain.  The Intel volunteers Saturday morning were amazing.  So wonderful to have the extra help when the heavy stuff was happening.  After the roof metal we will be putting a cover between the sheds for the lawnmower and a small awning along the back where we will have the big stand tools like the table saw.  Next steps with this project will be the front windows and door, then the electrical.  We will work the awning portions with our North Awning Project over the north runs in a few weeks.

07/17/2019 - have the structure up in the first building.  Still need to do roofing, but we will do both at the same time.  At that same time we are putting an awning between the two that extends around the back for more rain protected space.

07/05/2019 - making progress on the shed site.  With the first of three shed events we are ahead of the schedule in the work.  We have the location pretty much cleared and the first of three loads of gravel in.  Tomorrow (Saturday the 6th) we will be finishing up the brush cleanup and may actually get a start on the foundation and floor construction for shed one.  Quiet excited about how it is coming together.  The Sheds will be side by side with a covered lawn mower pull through between them.  All the materials are here for the sheds so we are will prepared.

06/27/2019 - Our 06/22 project was a success.  We didn't get much in volunteers, but we got a long way in the project.  As of today the south awning is complete (minus a few screws LOL).  This is pretty amazing as we got it done just in time for a couple of rainy days.  What a relief not to have to worry about wet dogs.  We will be adding some lighting, but that will come on a later day.

06/10/2019 - Things are happening now!!!  Have a plan for the summer.

  • 07/06 - Shed Ground Prep - This is the beginning of one of the "mini projects".   We are building two sheds for storage.  This bit will entail brush removal, ground leveling, gravel spreading and some base framework for the sheds.  What this day will entail will depend on what we get done before this day.

  • 07/13 - Shed 1 Build - Construction for the first of the two sheds.

  • 08/10 - Shed 2 Build - construction for the second of the two sheds and the completion of this "mini project" - we hope LOL.

  • 09/07 - North Awning.  This awning will complete the North Run "mini project".  The awnings provide about 80% coverage and there is tree coverage for most of the rest.

You can find more detail and sign up to participate on our Face Book events at

If you want to come and help some other time than is listed email me. christy@displacedpetsrescue.com  With this list of projects we have tons of stuff that needs to be accomplished to support the "Event Days". 

So far, for our first event on the 22nd we have the lumber and metal on-site.  Hopefully this weekend we will begin getting some of the posts set and outside framing started.  We are also working some of the Shed Ground Prep with some brush removal and a couple of loads of 20 year projects to the dump.  I figure if it has been hiding under the trees hidden in the forest for that long it is time to put it to rest.

04/15/2019 -  Spring has sprung - well kinda.    Our summer expansion plans include the completion of two more awnings, and construction of a storage unit.  Here are some pictures of our last little project.  Finishing up the wall covering on the south wall inside. Also the puppies are gladly enjoying the peek of sunshine.  See Bryan peeking out of the play house? LOL

11/11/2018 - Onward and Upward LOL  The newly re-done counter is here and installed.  I am so thrilled to have it back and have my bathing sink back.  I LOVE this tub.  I have a backup in the shower that I have used for the past years and it works great.  But it is wonderful to have this back.

10/21/2018 - Sadly today we had to do just a bit of de-construction.  Saturday we had a volunteer and her pre-teen niece come to visit the dogs.  I was shocked and stunned on Sunday to find that this child had scratched into the laminate in multiple places on our brand new counter, which, we were able to prove with our security camera system.  This hurt me to the core.  I just can't believe someone would do this when we have opened our home and lives to them so that they can come and love on the dogs.  Thankfully the parents have stepped up to pay for having the surface re-done.  Sadly the child showed us no true remorse for the act.  Her "apology" was forced and not sincere in the least.  We removed the counter and tub today and hopefully it will be back in place within the next few days. 

Above damages - below removal.

On a good note we got all the pavers in the south side runs this weekend, thanks to the help of my amazing rent-a-kid. The first run (nearest the house/nearest the camera in the picture) will get re-worked at the time we re-build that deck, but that will likely not be till spring now.  Funds are just not there to push through with that bit of the project.  We are still hoping to get the new awning up on this side, but that has funds and weather impacting that bit of the project.

10/12/2018 - Time for an update.  Here are some pictures of the changes.  We are now beginning to some of the big chunks.  My counter and grooming area is complete, including the window sill.  Still need to do some work behind the monitor and computer, but that is small.  We have started getting the wall laminate up and completing the other window sills, and have the whole North side of that done now.  This picture just shows the beginning of that process. I am thrilled with the petrified wood laminate and finished wood trim.  Things are really coming together and I am seeing my dreams finishing off.  We are working through the south side now and hope to get a bit further on that this coming weekend.

We have also done lots of work in the south run as well.  All the fences are up and half of the pavers are in.  Hopefully I have help coming this weekend to get the last of the pavers done, once that is done we can call the South runs complete.  Next step on this side is the additional awning and deck re-do.  That is a bit lower on the priority list at this point.  Not sure if it will happen before winter sets in or not.  Funding is restricting us on that right now.

08/19/2018 - working with the mass surrender today - whew, we are beat.  Here is a bit of a recap on what we got done before this and what is going on with the construction through this.

Initial placement and marking of the laminate for the counter.

Cutting and weight after glue was applied.

Finishing touches on the plumbing - YAY we have running water.

Work on the South runs.  Dirt and gravel are all laid and leveled.  Finish plywood is attached and the brick trim is installed. The last thing on that edge will be the block trim along the bottom, but that will go in after the pea gravel is here.

08/08/2018 - Making huge progress and ramping up to complete some things as we will be receiving 20+ Pomeranian rescue in 10 days.  Not sure if we will get it all done, but we are working it.

The current outside work has mostly been in the south runs that are being totally re-vamped.  We brought in a truckload of gravel (14 tons) and three truck loads (36 yards) of dirt to level out what some low ground and allow for proper drainage.  The old fencing has been all pulled out and the bricks moved. 

In the North run we completed the pavers and built a surround around the tree.
We have designed the tree surround as a climbing point for the furkids to play on.
Inside we have the grooming counter and washer moved out and have completed the drywall.  Once I get the mud and paint there the counter and plumbing is the next step.  This bit will allow the grooming of these new kids to have their entire grooming day in the new space, rather then in and out of the main house.
Ohh!!!  Looks like I never posted pictures of the new flooring.  That is all in and looks amazing!!!

03/21/2018 - Very excited for our next big step.  Gradually getting the supplies I need to finish the floor and walls.  Yesterday we ordered our flooring, which should be arriving in the next week or so.  Today the laminate arrived - LOVE LOVE LOVE it - yes it looks like petrified wood.  This laminate will not only be our grooming counter, but will be on the walls behind the crates to allow for easy cleanup.  Trying to pick a wall color now and still need to measure for timing.  Also still need to get the drywall seams taped.  Still lots of work to go, but excited to see this bit coming together. 
Along with this progress are expenses that we need are hoping for donations to help in covering.
These are materials only expenses as we are doing all of this work ourselves.
Flooring $1100
Laminate $560.00
Paint  - estimating $150
Trimming wood (floor board, ceiling, around laminate panels) - estimating  $200.
Click here for our Contributions page.

11/30/2017 - We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving and are hoping that you all have as well.  We had a wonderful visit with family along with a work party hanging dry wall.  We only have one area behind the sink that needs to be done.  I have the materials to do the finishing on the drywall and hoping to have that done by the time I decide what color to paint it...  Funds are still desperately needed for this expansion.  Our next step will be the flooring and we are looking at a $1500 bill for that.  We are making great headway and pushing through all the work ourselves.  Materials are what we need funds for at this point.
Jamin and Ken were amazing working Thanksgiving weekend.  We got most all of the drywall in.  Just one small section left were Pat wants to do a bit more electrical work.  Time to be thinking about flooring now.  I know what I am going to use - just need to raise the $1500 needed for materials.

Last of the North awning going in.  Peekaboo Jamin. 

09/16/2017 - Another great Intel Involved Volunteer day.  Accomplished a lot, getting all the framing up for the North awning.  All's left is the metal and that is on the roof waiting to go.  We got all the pavers laid and the faux wood sound barrier set into place.  We even made an un-successful attempt at blowing the insulation underneath.  Our "do it yourself" failed and we will be renting the actual machine for blowing in.  It was a great try though.

08/20/2017 - WOW, what a long time since my last update.  That tells you just how busy we have been.  OK, now for the catch-up.  The North runs are complete and we just have the awning there to go.  We have sealed and trimmed the North Windows and doors.  The ramp deck is complete and loving it and we have done a bit of fun work on the "enchanted fairy garden" next to the deck.  The framing is up for that awning, just waiting to get all the metal at once time.  This weekend we began work on the South Runs, getting all but one section removed and starting with the outside fencing there.  We moved all of the accessible patio blocking from the old run into the new one.  We will be needing to purchase more 12x12 blocks before we can finish that bit.  If anyone has some that needs to be hauled away... well that would be just amazing.  Next step is to complete the insulation underneath (from the South side).  Pushing hard to get the runs and awnings completed while we still have good weather.  I can't believe our summer is fading so quickly.  Inside we are still holding for drywall, which is the next step there.

The "Birds eye view"  - North runs - the awning on this side will extend about halfway over these runs. When today's event is finished the patio block comes to the outside edge of the gates.

South Runs - Here you can see the new fence line.  This is before the tear-out of the existing runs.  The awnings on this side will extend out to the edge of where the small awning is.  This will give us about 90% coverage.  With today's event the right run under the awning is removed and the first part of the new fence by the steps is installed.

Now for the work pictures

07/08/17 Event pictures


06/17/17 Event pictures

05/29/2017 - We had another wonderful sunny weekend.  Things are progressing super well.  With the holiday weekend we even took a bit of time for some art.  Really cool horse shoe hose holder.  I so LOVE it.  From my brain, to Pats welding LOL.  Finished the hand rails on the front porch.  We have another horseshoe art project planned for the deck rail there.  Got the new entrance signs directing traffic to the rescue entrance.  A blob of stained wood that will soon be something really creative.  Also got a great start on my enchanted fairy garden that is at the entrance door.  Pond tubs in place one pump survived the winter, but need to replace the other.  Still need some really cool plants along the ramp deck edge, thinking maybe fern and bleeding hearts.  Also got the skirting edge done on the North side.  Once we have the gravel and blocks in it is going to be similar to what you see on the right side.  Lots of little stuff finished up this weekend.  Tomorrow Pat is brining home the first load of pea gravel for the new North runs.

05/02/2017 - What an amazing weekend.  We had wonderful turn out of help and made great accomplishments. People came spread through the days both Saturday and Sunday, which worked out well with the tasks we had - seemed like we had fresh hands when we needed them.  We have the ramp entrance nearly complete and should be finishing that up this week.  The planking on the ramp is all done, but we need to do some work underneath the deck area before we can complete planking there.  We sealed the cement, but not before painting a paw path to show the way.  For next months Intel event we will be working on the north run fencing.  Between now and then we are going to finish up the ramp and entry - and will be working inside on the drywall when weather is bad.  

The Volunteers

The Work

04/26/2017 - Now that we have better weather we are spending every moment pushing through. We have the counter cut for the doggie bath tub, the plumbing is in with the exception of completion of the tub, which can't be done until the walls and floor are complete.  The hot water heater is in and I am really liking the propane in-line heater so far. 

We have the run spaces cleaned and most of the posts cemented in ready for chain link fencing.  We still need to finalize on the gates before we can cement in the closure posts and begin stretching the fencing. 

The biggest visual accomplishment is the cement pad and properly built steps at the door of the house.   We also have the framing in for the deck portion of the entry ramp and are looking forward to a work Saturday this weekend to complete the ramp.

The list of things still to do is huge and we are constantly juggling funds.  Donations are very much in need to keep up this pace.  If we can keep the momentum we are hoping to be in the building within a few months - at least - before the end of this year.

You can paypal friends and family donation to christy@displacedpetsrescue.com - or -
email me at that same address if you want to mail in a donation. As a 501c3 your donations is complete tax deductible.

02/21/2017 - We made it through the winter storms a bit more sensitive to the cold than we were, but pretty much un-scathed, other than some limb cleanup to do.  We are anxious to see progress happening more quickly now that we are beginning to see some blue skys (well today anyway...). 

We have most of the insulation up inside the building - just the last section where there is a bit of plumbing left.  Once the plumbing is done we will begin working on the drywall.  Wow it feels good to say that - LOL.  We have the grooming sink faucet - very cool industrial job for professional kitchens.  It will need a couple of alterations for our use, but quite excited to be using that.  And we have the plywood for the counter top.  Things are pretty stacked up inside right now with all the donated product for the on-line store, so a bit challenging to work a section at a time moving the stuff as we go, but it is working.  You can check out the on-line store at http://DPRBoutique.com  Very excited to see some funds coming in for this wonderful product, and we mailed out first orders out today. 

We started work on the Intel project and got the framing up for the awning between the shop and house.  This will be the walkway to the entrance of the rescue room.  It was a rainy day so we weren't able to get as far as we hoped, but we got more done than we expected with the pouring rain.  We should get the plywood up this week.   A special thank you to all those who came to help us in the rain.  Your dedication to help and willingness to get soaking wet was definitely recognized.  Hopefully the workday for next month will give us better weather.

As always funding continues to limit our progress.  Even with the Intel funds, which are a huge help, they aren't enough to cover all that needs to be done or to cover the bills from what we have done.  Every single dollar makes a difference here.   Since we are doing all the work ourselves all the funds we receive are going to the materials needed.  Here is the link to our You Caring Fundraiser or - you can paypal friends and family donation to christy@displacedpetsrescue.com - or -
email me at that same address if you want to mail in a donation.


01/05/2017 - Welcome to a wonderful new year.  We have so much great stuff on our 2017 horizon.  We are expecting to be into our new building by mid year.  There is still a lot of finish work before we get there though.  We are expecting to need about $3000 more in materials before we are move-in ready, so donations still are greatly needed.  We have the electrical and plumbing nearly complete and hope to be starting with the hallway connection to the main house, insulation and drywall before the end of January.

We are way pleased to announce that we will be receiving an Intel Grant targeted for completion of the covered runs and covered entryway.  We have several events scheduled for those efforts.  Click here to see that schedule (.pdf)

Here is the link to our You Caring Fundraiser or - you can paypal friends and family donation to christy@displacedpetsrescue.com - or -
email me at that same address if you want to mail in a donation.


10/23/2016 - I know that my posts have lagged just a bit.  That does not mean we aren't working though :)   We have made great progress.  Have some of the ventilation fans in and most of the wiring done.  All of the wood is on the roof and we are working this weekend on the metal.  That metal is going on both the existing house and the expansion.  We don't want to ever have to worry about roofing again and this is the perfect option for us. 

Here are some pictures of the roof work.  The first is all of the metal in the truck waiting for us to move it too the roof LOL.  Pat used the pressure washer to clean of the moss and tree debree off of the house.  I love the ones showing the progression.  The metal is going on very well.  Pat is a bit anxious about doing around the roof vents and the fireplace.  We have decided to remove the skylight in the kitchen.  It isn't energy efficient, lets a lot of heat and cold in, and is a leak worry.  We are going to mount a light in the upper part of the hole in the kitchen so it still gives the appearance of being a skylight on the inside.

Here is the link to our You Caring Fundraiser or - you can paypal friends and family donation to christy@displacedpetsrescue.com - or -
email me at that same address if you want to mail in a donation.


09/23/2016 - I love to report progress.  Made great headway on the roof - hopefully it will be ready for metal in the next week or so.  Washer and dryer are in use - with a temporary water connection till we get the hot water heater in.  Gotta get moving on that though as it was 31 degrees this morning and need some stuff to happen before we get freezing nights...  To many things not enough time.  Our helpers Ken and Nick were amazing.  I couldn't believe how much they got done.  We might just beat the weather after all.

I got the doors to the office re-finished and working on putting on the varnish coats.  They are turning out wonderful and will be very excited to see them go into place.

Have the window seat box all build, just working on the sanding - then finishing.   The lid is leaning against the wall.  This is what I do when Pat is on the roof where I don"t go...

08/03/2016 - Cool stuff happening with the Expansion. Got the last window in and had a very cool inspiration for my greeting area. We are going to build a window seat with storage in front of that new window. Great view out at the runs and comfortable seating for doing paperwork and such. Just one more outside door to go.

We had wonderful help from Jenny Sorensen and her husband on Saturday. Pat and Carl got the main beam up on the roof and all of the current high up stuff done. Next step on the roof is rafters and plywood.

Had a wonderful donation by the manager of the Hillsboro Home Depot store. Amanda donated a new washer and dryer. Part was paid by Home Depot but the majority was paid by Amanda herself. ‪#‎ThanksToHomeDepot‬ I cried... of course... just way to exciting that so many wonderful people are willing to help us with this project.  That's the last door leaning against the washer and dryer.

We also received a $1000 grant from Maddie's Fund ‪#‎ThanksToMaddie‬ that will go to the next round of lumber. Good thing cause my Home Depot card is maxed now...

These doors have been hidden in the shop now for 20 years waiting for the perfect place.  I fell in love with them at one of our local yard sales and had to have them - all dry and dirty I could tell that the embellishments were hand carved. It would be cool to know their history, but not real likely. Once I get them re-finished they are going to be the entry to the office.   I forgot to snap a picture before I started.  The bottom part shows how old and weather worn they are.  The top I have started the re-finisher process.  I can't wait to see them done.

As always donations are greatly needed to keep up our momentum. We can only proceed as quickly as we have funds coming in. Every single dollar makes a huge difference to us. Since we are doing all the work ourselves we have no labor expense and all of the funds are going to the materials.

Here is the link to our You Caring Fundraiser or - you can paypal friends and family donation to christy@displacedpetsrescue.com - or - email me at that same address if you want to mail in a donation.

We also have a smile.amazon.com wish list if you prefer to donate something specific, or email me for needs. Right now our biggest construction need is the plywood for the roof.

Thank you so much to those who have donated so far. You are ever so much appreciated!!! Please keep sharing our messages and pass the word so we can get this done. I am so looking forward to how many more of these little fuzzy guys we can rescue. This is a huge deal for expanding our California Program, as well as the increase in the dogs I can take from our own shelters. With the California Program I will be bringing up more into this area where they are very difficult to find tiny fuzzy kids.

Here also is the link to our Face Book Group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/194013824308175/


07/19/2016 - Making headway. Got one more window in - discovered as we were putting in the framing for it that it opens up and down rather than sideways... big discussion on whether or not it matters came to "just put it in. I am tired and want to have it done."

Painted the doors and even have the first light installed, so making headway on the electrical.

Next step is to put the last window and the house deck access door in. Then we have to do a bit of more work underneath before we can make the connecting access to our existing house. Plus there is a lot of electrical stuff to be going on and Pat is anxious to keep moving along on the roof. With our funky weather we are definitely feeling the pressure to get everything all sealed up and weather proof.

As always we are still short of funds for this project. For the most part we can only proceed as quickly as we have funds coming in. Every single dollar makes a huge difference to us.

Here is the link to our You Caring Fundraiser or - you can paypal friends and family donation to christy@displacedpetsrescue.com - or - email me at that same address if you want to mail in a donation.

Thank you so much to those who have donated so far. You are ever so much appreciated!!!


07/10/216 - Did quite a bit of work on the electrical.  Got the vent fans put into place and the power run for all the plugs and switches on the shop side.  Can't do the creek side until we finish with the siding, windows and doors - and that requires more money for lumber.  I LOVE my gang of plug ins for my grooming space (learned something new - lots of plugs are a gang  - these are two 3-gangs LOL).  Pat thinks I am overdoing it with the plugins, but I am totally tired of running out and having to resort to power strips and power strips plugged in to power strips.  None of that here and I am a happy girl.

Also, began exploring how we are going to do the roof.  Pat seems to have a plan in place.  We will be using metal roofing on the new building then extending that are re-roofing the house with the metal as well.  I have wanted to do metal ever since we moved out here...  I never want to worry about it again.  We will be leaving the existing roofing on the addition and totally enclosing it in with new roofing, including creating eves, so that only we know it is there.  We figured it was best not to disturb the factory stuff, just add to its durability.  OH :) here's a preview glimps of the artsie cover over the deck.  Still some temp stuff going on with it, but its looking pretty cool to me.  Now I need to find an old cast iron pulley to hang off that top beam.

07/05/2016 - *** EXPANSION UPDATE *** Maybe some day a four day weekend will mean a trip to the beach. Not this weekend though :) We worked HARD. Got the siding, windows and doors all up on one side. Finished the steps and handrails on both sides of the deck. Still to do the handrail on the deck, but that will be later. Even got power run to the building. YAY Just one outlet so far, but at least we can get rid of the extension cords running from the shop. My assignment this week to to draw up his electrical plan... where I want lights, outlets, vent fans, etc.

Don't forget to donate and help us keep the momentum up.

There we have electricity  - Pat says take a picture of that.

Siding, windows and the entry door all the way back to the main house. Almost able to call it all one house.  Going to wait for that until the entry way to what will be my office is in.

Deck steps and handrails.
There will be deck railing and finishing panels so that the deck part is closed off - then the steps will end up being into runs on each side.

06/27/2016 - We have had a blessed couple of weeks.  We found all of our windows and doors through Habitat for Humanity.  They cost us $100 rather than the $700 we were anticipating.  We have gotten three of the windows in now and are down to the door on the shop side. So far the heavy construction costs are the $1000 in electrical (including lights, ventilation fans and most of the wire) and are pushing $2000 in lumber so far (only about halfway there with that, not including the ramp).  The pressure treated wood for the ramp that will run between the alleyway to the entrance door on the building is going to be a biggie bill.  This weekend we got the steps in on the shop side of the deck and are going to be working on the other side this week.  Also, we received a wonderful donation from our Amazon Wish list of the doggie bath tub.  It is exactly what I wanted and I can't wait to see it mounted in the counter - but that will be a bit of time in coming.  As overwhelming as the big picture is we are still having tons of fun.  We are way tired at the end of every day but still ready to go the next day.

Pat says "how did I get roped into this?" My answer, "You have been all over this from the beginning." His response "Keep telling yourself that."
We were working on the steps. I say "Just like playing with blocks." Pat answers, "Cept you have to build your own blocks first..."


06/05/2016 - The progress for this weekend is quite cool.  We built the deck out the French doors.  The awning is temporary to give us some additional shade while we are working.  It will change with the roofline when we get to that point.  We have something a bit on the artistic side planned for that.  Still need steps and hand railing, but that is the easy part next to what we did.  We also got the plastic barrier pulled under the building and that will finish being spread out while we do our least leveling adjustment next week.  Also got the first pieces of siding along the sides.  Next weekend we will be working on framing in windows, doors and the ventilation system and are likely to get some more siding in place.  I am ordering the windows this week so they are probably another week out before they get her.  This is also plea time for donations as the windows and the rest of the doors are going to run about $700.

05/31/2016 - So fun to begin seeing the visual progress.  Thinking the next few weeks are going to give us quite a bit as we begin to remove the metal siding from the sides and install the wood siding, windows and doors.  Definitely a slow process as, at this point, Pat and I are doing all the work ourselves.  Sometimes it is quite a discovery project to figure out how to make things work properly.  Thank God for You Tube - LOL   This weekend we did the french doors on the end that will lead to a small deck and access the runs on each side.  By the way muscle labor is always welcome on the weekends.  Show up for a visit and we are not to shy to put you to work.

Below is a shot of the inside taken with my back to where the entrance to our current space is.  Now we have all the old walling out you can get a glimpse of how big the space is. It is hard to see here, but I have tape on the floor laying out where our kennel units for night time sleeping are.  The entry door on the left with the gooming, bathing and laundry on the left as well.

05/28/2016 - It has been a bit since I have posted anything on our expansion.  Still working hard on the leveling and getting things ready to start on the visual stuff so no pictures to update this round.  So, I thought I would go into some of our plans for this addition and what this will do for our program rather than giving a build update.

Currently we have sane room for 6 rescues at any given time.  We can make room for more should the mass rescue or some other urgent situation come into play.  This is a bit of a squishy number as we manage what we need to.  Currently we have 7 here and have managed up to 15 rescues but things are a bit silly when we do that.

With this build we are increasing our rescue space by 12 regular spots to a sanity rate of 18 rescues.

For the past couple of years we have dedicated ourselves to Oregon and Washington dogs with surrenders and shelter pulls.  Sometimes I have to many and sometimes it is more difficult to fill the spots.  It has been a couple years since I brought in dogs from Calif shelters as our Oregon and Washington shelters were able to keep me at capacity. 

Over the past month I have been working with our new California Representative to receive approval at several California shelters.  Beginning now I have committed two of our regular spots for Californian dogs.  Once the build is complete I will increase that to six.  This will still allow us ample space for our Oregon and Washington needs as well as expanding our work with California.   Once the build is complete the number of California dogs may be more, depending on what needs our assistance in Oregon and Washington.

Those of us in Oregon and Washington know how difficult it is to find a tiny fuzzy dog here and it is very difficult for a person to get a California on their own.  This will allow us to save so many more from the certain death that is happening in Californian shelters.

Working this project in addition to continuing all the work we are currently doing is hitting us hard.  Every minute and every penny is going into this.  We are badly in need of funds to keep our momentum.  Initially the funds received are going to be used for the building materials needed to get the build completed (doors, windows, insulation, drywall, siding, etc.Ö), then for the fixtures that are needed to furnish it (kennels, shelving units, grooming station, bathing station, washer and dryer, etc.Ö).    We have applied for several grants, but our past experience has not produced any results with those. 

We canít do this without your help.  You can donate on our YouCaring fundraiser at https://www.youcaring.com/displaced-pets-rescue-inc-501c3-546537  If you prefer to send funds directly you can paypal to christy@displacedpetsrescue.com or email me at the same address for mailing information. 

05/07/2016 - Building is in place YAY - next step is leveling.  Here are some pictures of the move-in process.


Above - this is the final location.  Ugly right now, but so much potential.  Left - The windows will change and the runs will go all the way to the end.  Right - This is where the walkway between the house and the shop will be.  The main rescue entrance will be about halfway down the new structure.
Below - this is the first picture of the inside.  The room structure in the center will be removed leaving a large open space.  To my back will be French doors leading to two of the runs.  At the opposite end is where the short hallway to the main house will be.

05/01/2016 -  Great productive weekend. Added three photos in the album. Brought in 7 yards of gravel, 8 yards of dirt and one yard of bark. Now for just a bit of leveling and compacting. We intend to move the new structure into its spot here next weekend (weather cooperating).
OK - so the one yard of bark was more about my spring face lift than the expansion but... still... hoping for some tomatoes and maybe something flowering in the next few weeks. LOL

04/04/2016 - Lots of work accomplished here this last weekend.  We got all the brick moved and the North fence pulled back.  Next step (next weekend) will be to remove the lower awning and re-locate the heat pump to its new home next to the shop.  

04/02/2016 - Here are some before pictures. Putting some structure around the dreams.  The red lines show an approximation of where the new building will be located.

On the left is a shot between the house and the shop.  This will be our new entrance into the rescue. 
We will be installing a handicap accessible walkway and where you see the fence currently that will be the new room
On the right you are seeing the North run and the lower awning.  Both will be removed for the new room.

04/01/2016 - We came home on March 30th, 2016 with the 10x40 job shack that will become an additional room for our rescue kids.

As with any construction project there are lots of steps. The first was the long quest for a structure that was the right size and price for our needs. check mark here :)  It might be ugly, but to me it is beautiful as I see what it will be soon.

This project has been a dream for several years.  This expansion will allow us to double, and eventually triple our rescue efforts.  I have drawn and re-drawn plans thinking to build - but the finding of this trailer gives us a great jump and will save a huge amount of money.

The next step is to begin the destruction. We will be taking down some of our current runs and setting up some temporary space so the dogs can still spend outside time every day. Especially now that we are having some lovely weather. Along with taking down the runs we have a bunch of patio blocks that need to be moved and two awnings that need to be shortened.

Now is the time we are working the fundraising as once all the destruction is done and the unit is in place the expensive work begins.  Just to start we need outside siding, windows and doors, flooring, insulation, vent works to connect to our heating system, drywall, paint, roofing, ...  

Once we are done it will have its own washer and dryer, grooming and bathing station, a greeting area where our visitors can relax and get to know the furkids, and all the other equipment we need to house and care for them.  The list keeps getting longer...

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