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This page is dedicated to our successes.
These are some of the Poms who have passed through our care.  They are now living in wonderful loving homes.
~None listed on this page are available, they all now have furever homes.~
Please refer to our Available page for dogs that are looking for families.

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-Emma n Ernie-


-Bridie aka Bertie-
Bertie is a special needs placement who went to a very special family experienced with special needs.
Bertie was born deaf and these amazing people will help him to thrive with his disability.



-Zuse & Mooney-








-Ryan aka Princeton-

-Betty Boop  now Ladybug-





-Rae Rae-

-Teryion Duck-

-Poquito -

-Stacey -

-Vita & Rosie -



-Josie & Camper-


-Jackson (again)-
Jackson originally came to us from an abusive situation.  We had placed him in a wonderful home, but... the senior Yorkie in the home could not adjust to having a new kid invade her space, so he cam back to us.  Jackson now has a wonderful home with Skylar as his buddy.  I am very happy that they are close to me so I will be able to do Jackson's grooming.  


***Special Needs - Heart Issues***
Dayton is a super sweet guy who arrived suffering from an enlarged heart that was putting pressure on his trachea and affecting his breathing.  After the first few days on the meds he showed much improvement.  At his arrival he was 8.6 pounds and breathing was becoming increasingly difficult for him. The day he left a 5.2 pound happy engaging guy.  The young lady who adopted him has committed herself to rescuing special needs kids and ensuring that they get the very best of care.  Dayton will enjoy the companionship of a 13 year old pug.


-Shadow & Bear-

-Sadie aka Amy-


-Cee Cee-







"Oh My!!! I love this place sooo much!!!  My new Mom and Dad are the very best!
AND I even have a brother who loves to cuddle!!!"

"Hi Christy,

It's been almost two weeks as Lucy is gradually adjusting to her forever home and is revealing more of her personality day by day. She was given a clean bill of health when we visited our holistic vet. Dr. Tannent told us that she doesn't believe Lucy had ever needed medications and that the medications provided were not targeting the presumed "anxiety" diagnosis. She does have some yeast (appears red) issue as she chews her legs/feet a lot. We switched her onto raw turkey diet and grain-free mini veggie and fruits snack. She also has a tiny bit tartar on her teeth, but since she just got a teeth cleaning last September, the vet advised for us to diligently brush her teeth 2-3 times a week. So, currently, she is off all medications and is only taking fish oil once everyday.  

She has been a happy little girl and not shy with strangers and exuberantly happy when we come home. She does get spooked by loud sudden noises (i.e. buses, motorcycles), but we have been doing some positive reinforcement with noise training as suggested by our vet to get her acclimated. She has been attached to me and follows me everywhere. Housemate reported that she whines and does a screaming fit when we leave home, but then it doesn't last long. She doesn't like to be left alone and we are hoping to help her to adjust and reassure her that we will always come home. 

We suspect that Lucy may have been a purse dog her whole life and has not gone out on much walks. She loves rolling on the grass (she frequently eats them too) and the wood chips on the playground. She runs really fast and we do brisk sprints home after long walks everyday. No accidents inside the home and is on a regular schedule now. She perches by the upstairs attic room window and looks outside then falls asleep. She also likes to play with toys when she gets into the mood (you should see her violently shaking the stuff toy and runs speedily around the house like crazy). 

I hope you enjoy the pictures :)




Georgie has gone to my great friend Dorie at Pomeranian County Rescue in Canada.
She has an amazing foster who will work with his behaviors and find that very special forever home.


My favorite little Chi (or tiny tiny little Boxer look alike LOL) got his home. 
He is going to be sooo spoiled! Gotta love him!!



Emmett received a very special home today.  He is a Special needs boy who had a tumor removed.
Without even having biopsy results back yet Barbara fell in love and committed to whatever may come.  What a wonderful first placement to kick of a wonderful 2015.  UPDATE:  Emmett's biopsy was benign, no cancer YAY!!!

Awww I didn't d-stuff it.  The raccoon did it all by itsself.

In 2014
Rescues - 84 (51 Pomeranian & Pom Mix)
Placements - 96 including 15 special needs or seniors
Financial needs assistance -  5 instances

Click here to see some of those placements.





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