Boarding and Grooming Services

We are now offering an assortment of "Boarding and Grooming Services" as fund raising for the rescues.
Our services are only available to little dogs under 10 pounds in weight.


Overnight boarding  - - $20
Doggie Daycare - - $10


Bath and toenail clips - - $45
(includes trim, extensive de-matting may be additional)
Trim & Cuts - - $30 to $45
Toenail clip only - - $15
**Ultrasonic Tooth Cleansing - - $100

**NOTE:  Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning is a non-anesthetic tooth cleaning.  This is a deep cleaning to remove the nasties from the teeth, freshen the breath and help to maintain the health of your dogs teeth and gums. This cleaning is deeper than the average owner is able to accomplish themselves.  It will do a lot to help keep your dogs teeth and gums healthy, it does not replace the need for a regular dental cleaning and will not take care of problem teeth that need to be removed or treat gum disease.

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