Adoption Criteria

  1. We place only small breed dogs, under 10 lbs in weight.  These are indoor "Family Member" dogs and must sleep indoors.

  2. Dogs must be walked daily or receive adequate outdoor exercise.

  3. Family must comply with all state, local laws and ordinance relating to keeping the dog including the leash laws and maximum allowed counts appropriate to their community.

  4. Every rescue dog has a recent vet examination, vaccinated (DHPP, Bordatella, Rabies), de-wormed, spay/neutered, microchipped, groomed, receive flea treatment and any necessary vet care.

  5. Microchip registration remains in the name of Displaced Pets Rescue to assist in animal recovery if necessary.

  6. Some special medical needs and emergency care may carry larger bills for their vet care. Special needs animals will have additional follow up visit requirements specific to the needs of that dog.

  7. Normal vet cost per animal would be about $250-$600.  To help defray some of our vet bills on each healthy animal, we charge adoption fee will vary.  Our adoption fees will $150 to $400 depending on the place ability of the dog. 

  8. All dogs will have recent vet health check up and be provided with necessary treatments.  All dogs are spay/neutered, and made current on their vaccinations prior to leaving our care

  9. Family must provide the dog with annual vaccinations and any necessary veterinary care as needed

  10. Family  must agree to reference checks to include past Vet reference and Landlord reference as appropriate.

  11. Family must agree to a home visit and follow up contacts, including further visits as deemed necessary.

  12. In all cases should the family no longer be able to keep the animal it MUST be returned to us and not placed in any other shelter or rescue.

  13. Adopter must agree to all terms of the contract that will be signed at the time of adoption.

  14. Priority area for placements is the Pacific Northwest.  This includes Oregon, Washington and surrounding states that are within our reach.  We do not ship or transport our dogs.  We do consider homes in Canada within the Washington and Idaho regions.  Easiest way of thinking of our area would be within 10 hours driving distance from Portland Oregon.


Continue to the Available page to see our dogs and find our adoption application.

Please do not call me for detail on a specific dog.  Those questions are dealt with by email.
This will allow me to stay focused on the work that I need to do in caring for these little guys.
Once I have reviewed your application I will be contacting you at the email you have included in the application.



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