Finding Help For Your Pet

Sometimes the decision to part with a pet can be simple frustration with a behavior or issues requiring training.  Before you give up you might want to investigate getting some training.  If training is the issue, contact us for help with and suggestions with the behavior issue before things get to the point that you are ready to surrender your pet.

If, for any reason, you have made that final decision in parting with your pet, here are some suggestions that will allow you to place them in a wonderful home.  If you are unable to place that pet or circumstances make it the only option you will find our surrender information on this page as well.

Advertising - Advertise through friends, neighbors, and local veterinarians first; then try the newspaper, if all else fails.  A carefully worded classified advertisement in your local or regional paper, or online at PetFinder, EBayClassified Ads or Craigs list will generally work - it may take time; however. Please do not give your pet away "free to a good home." You have invested time, energy, love as well as provided for basic needs and medical care. Asking a small fee ($75 to $200) will not deter good families but may stop unscrupulous folks.  Even if you waive the fee once you find that perfect home, asking a fee very often helps to eliminate those who are not looking to the best interest of the animal.
Ask Questions - Your work does not end when an interested caller phones. Do not be shy about asking questions. These are all questions that animal shelters ask prospective adopters in order to find the right match:
  • Find out if they have children
  • What do they expect of this new pet?
  • Have they had other pets?
  • What do they expect to pay yearly for this pet's care?
  • Where will the pet be during the day and evening?
  • If your pet has special needs or behavior issues ensure that they have the proper knowledge to deal with those situations.

The most desirable dogs are:


Screen potential homes carefully:
  • Will your pet get along with small children?
  • Will your pet get along with other pets?
  • Is the family planning to keep the dog chained outside as a watch dog?
  • Will the cat be kept only as a mouser?
  • Does the family have a veterinary reference?

We encourage you to visit the prospective new home in order to get a feel for the environment in which your pet will be living. Explain that the pet is part of your family and that you want to make sure she will be cared for properly and that you want to see how the animal responds to the new home.

Ask for a valid form of identification (preferably a driver's license). Record the number for your records and require the new owner to sign a contract stating the requirements of adoption on which both parties agree. As part of the contract, require the new owner to contact you if he or she decides at some point that they must give up the pet.

Always Spay or Neuter
Have your pet neutered or spayed before he or she goes to the new home and be prepared to share all medical and behavior information with the new adopter. Portland Oregon Spay & Neuter Assistance.

Ensure that you clearly disclose, in writing, any behavioral issues; such as food or fear aggression.  Finding the right family fit for your pet is one of the most important things you can do.  Make sure that the family you find is prepared for specific responsibilities your pet brings into their family dynamic. For instance, a family with very young children may not be the best fit for a very frightened or timid dog, nor would be the right fit for a aggressive or extremely dominate dog.

Surrendering Your Pet to Displaced Pets - If relinquishment seems to be the best option you are welcome to contact us.  We need to understand the situation and your pet in order to be able to place them in the best loving home possible.  Our first priority is to attempt to help you in overcoming the issues you are having.

Dogs can't talk, so they can't tell us where or whom they would like to live.  To ensure that their home is a safe, happy and appropriate place we need you to fill out this form in as much detail as possible.  Detailed and honest information from you is crucial to the process, so please fill this out with care and accuracy.

Undesirable behaviors and medical issues do not necessarily create problems in placement, however, not disclosing those problems definitely does.  Dishonest or incomplete responses can undermine the safety and happiness of your dog and the new adopting family. 

If there are questions that are unclear or that you are uncomfortable answering, please ask.  We do our best in finding the right home for your pet, do your best in enabling us to do that by giving us as much detail as possible in your answers.

  We are a small rescue so we have to be very strict in these policies.  The following are conditions of dogs who cannot be considered for surrender.
  • Animals with a history of biting humans, or have been attack-trained
  • A pet showing very aggressive or unsociable behavior during the initial screening interview.
  • Veterinary examination determines that the animal is physically unsuitable for adoption

If you change your mind after you pet has been surrendered - Please contact us to discuss options that may be available to reclaim your pet. Note, once a pet has been place with a new family you will not be able to reclaim it.  If your pet is still in our system you do have options for reclaim, dependant on our approval.  No animal is released from Displaced Pets Rescue without being spayed or neutered. If you choose to reclaim your pet you will be responsible for the expenses we have incurred.

The minimum requested donation to Displaced Pets Rescue for surrendering your pet to us is $175.
This donation is used to help cover costs of Vet, food, bedding, cleaning products, electricity, drinking water, toys and much much more.

When surrendering your pet, keep in mind the health issues that they may have that need to be taken care of before they can be placed.  Things to consider are if the need a dental, are they spay/neutered, are they current on their vaccinations, and if they are older than 8 they will need a senior blood panel before dental or spay/neuter.  

Also, please consider the age of your pet.  Generally a dog that is older than 9 years takes much longer to place.  A dog that is over 10 may be here for several months to a year and one that is over 13 may remain here the rest of their lives.  Also keep in mind the breed of your pet.  For instance, Chihuahuas and Terriers take much longer to place than other breeds.  Please remember that senior dogs don't do well with transitions and with your senior surrender they will not only have a longer a longer stay here, they will have to transition again into another home.

We are a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Corporation so your surrender donation is tax deductible. 

Email me with the following details
NOTE:  The dog must be brought to us and we are located in the Pacific Northwest, near to Portland Oregon.

Note that we are strictly limited to dogs under 10 lbs.

  1. Age and actual weight of the dog.  Weight must be accurate.

  2. Breed of the pet.

  3. Reason for surrender

  4. How long have you had the pet, where you got the pet and how many homes has this pet had.

  5. Health history and any known health issues.

  6. Has the dog been spay/neutered, current on vaccinations and had a recent dental.

  7. Behavioral history - has the dog bitten and drawn blood recently - when and what was the circumstances.

  8. Does this dog have a history of biting.

  9. Describe the dogs behavior with children, other people, other dogs, cats

  10. Has this dog been house trained and crate trained.  Describe to what level of dependency.

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Visits are by appointment only, after we have an approved application on-file.
Please do not call me for detail on a specific dog.  Those questions are dealt with by email.
This will allow me to stay focused on the work that I need to do in caring for these little guys.
Once I have reviewed your application I will be contacting you at the email you have included in the application.



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