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Arrived 12/26/2020
Breed:  Chihuahua mix (maybe miniature pincher)
Gender: Male
Age:  13 years
Weight:  10 lbs


06/07 Update - Mookie's condition has progressed.  He is doing well, but is no longer able to stand at all.  He is truly a hospice case and needs the same level of attention that a baby would need.   He needs to be in his chair multiple times through the day. We have set up elevated food and water dishes so that he can eat and drink on his own from the chair.  He loves to go outside and run around the driveway.  Some days he has more movement energy than others.  His feet turn under so he needs his little booties when he is in the chair.  We only leave him in the chair for about an hour or two at a time so that he isn't getting sore at all from it.  When hanging out in the living room he will ask to be turned over and sometimes will move himself in circles.  The circling is great exercise.

You can find videos of Mookie in his chair on our fb page. 

03/18 Update - Mookie has his chair.  We have it all set to fit him perfectly and are working on getting him accustomed to it.  First day was yesterday and we got a few steps from him.  He does step when we move the chair for him, he just needs to figure out that he can move it.

Just a quick update here 03/10 -  Mookie has some neurological issues that are affecting his walking.  Our Vet assures us that he is not in pain of any kind. He does great early in the day, walking fine in his senior gate.  As he gets tired he will tip himself over and often time is not able to get standing again.  He calls "Help, I've fallen and can't get up."  Sometimes we can stand him back up and he takes off, but others he isn't able to maintain any balance.  We do have a quad wheel chair ordered for him that should be arriving any day now.  We are very excited to see how he does with that chair.

Upon Entry 12/26 - Mookie just wants a place he can hang out.  He is not a bit lap cuddlier, but will settle on the couch beside me.   He is sweet and definitely shows his age.  We are working to get a bit of weight on him.  He has been a little picky about his food and his blood work shows he might be having some pancreatic issues.    He also has a mild heart murmur.  He is such an easy going little guy, so accepting of everything around him.  We believe he is mostly deaf and has very limited vision issues.  He has a docked tail so I would suspect he is at least part miniature pincher.

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