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Displaced Pets Rescue - Adoption Application

This questionnaire is intended to help us in making the best match possible. Be detailed in your answers as it will give us a better picture of you and the home you will be providing. Please be patient in your answers, this information is a key part of my determinations. Applications with short yes/no types of answers are generally not considered.

(Please let us know how you came to find us, eg: Google search, Pet Finder, PetSmart, Rescue Me, referral from Jane Doe, picked up business card at XYZ business. etc.)

If you are renting we need to contact your landlord for reference and to verify pet status in the home. Indicating their information here is your agreement to our contacting them.

Please know we take our job seriously. We will be contacting your local animal control, shelters and/or police departments, in your area, to ensure no animal related or violent issues have been filed.

This next section is information about your home, experience and training.

We are a non-profit organization. The adoption donation is used to partially recover the costs involved in rescuing this dog. Donations are used 100% for the dogs. Our expenses include but are not limited to: Shelter fees, spay/neuter, food, housing, vaccinations, de-worming, registered microchip, and any vet exams or medical care that the dog may have required. We would not have been able to save the life of the dog you applied for without the adoption donation from another that came before him/her. Our adoption donations range between $150 and $400 depending on the age, medical condition and place-ability of the pet.

I have read the above carefully and have filled out this application honestly. I understand that an omission and/or failure to answer all questions can result in the application being declined. If an untruth is discovered after an adoption takes place, and this untruth puts the rescue animal at risk, that animal will be removed.

Clicking this Submit button is your signature that all of the above is true. This application becomes part of the adoption contract.

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