January 2014

Working with a Southern Oregon Shelter and breeder brought us 10 Pomeranians on the 29th.
They weren't the worst condition that I have seen, but some were pretty close.  The ride home was a nightmare - Carload of stinky dogs and raining, so couldn't open the windows.  Needless to say I made lots of stops.

On the 30th the troops showed up to start the bathing and evaluation process.  It was a super long day, but we made it though.  We are expecting the Vetting for these guys to run about $300 per dog.  We are in desperate need of funds to assist with getting through this process.

Meet the kids

Rome   ***Placed***

Freya  ***Placed***

***Health Consideration - missing teeth and some bone loss in the lower jaw***

Susie Q  ***Placed***

Pokimon   ***Senior***
* Went to Pommy Country Rescue in Canada*

Cosmo   ***Senior***


Jasmine  ***Placed***

Lady Bug

Shilo  ***Placed***

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