August 2018

Getting a large number of dogs in is a challenging situation at best.
Here we go though the intake process for 24 Pomeranians
There will be more pictures on our Available page.

08/18/2018 - Bright and early we are the location, checking chips and putting on identifying collars.  Most of these kids are super sweet and easy going.  For the most part, they are clean and well socialized.  Sometimes live just is to much and crazy things put us into crazy situations.  I am super glad that this surrender felt secure in trusting me to find wonderful homes for these babies.  Here are some pictures taken at intake.

The dawn of a new day.

Some of the kids.
The loaded Van - ready to head home.

08/19/2018 - Today is dental, bath, and overall evaluation day. Everyone is taking everything in stride.  We made it through 12 of them, which was a huge task.  Thank you so much to our wonderful volunteers.  Here are the kids that got evaluated today.  Most of these kids are older kids who are missing many or all of their teeth.  They still love their kibbles and with the bacteria from their teeth gone will have healthier senior bodies.

Waiting their turn at the spa treatment.

08/24/2018 -  Well we made it through the bathing and evaluations and are working through their Vet evaluations and surgeries.  With 12 done today we end this week exhausted.  We are so appreciative of the volunteers who have come to participate in this process.  There help has made this process move along very smoothly.

09/25/2018 - Things are moving along quite smoothly.  We have the last kid getting her surgery on Thursday.  Placements are progressing and over half have found their forever homes.  It won't be long before they all have their happy tail.  I want to thank everyone so much for the volunteer work and donations.  Without you this would have been a much bigger project.  I have been asked a lot of questions about this surrender.  This case was very special in that they contacted me for help before things got really bad.  Cancer hit their family with a devastating prognosis.  The quickly identified the need for help and acted on that.  I will be writing an article about this rescue, but it will be just a bit before I have it complete. 

As of today 11/13/2018 - only three of the twenty four are looking for their homes.
I have moved those three to the top of the list.

Lisa  - 14 years 8.8 lbs - Very shy of handling, but coming around well.  Vet care complete 08/29  - Lisa arrived a little on the chubby size.  On her weight loss program she is now a very health 7 pounds.
Lisa is the last of these babies to get a home.  We are hoping she will be able to start of the new year with her forever. 
Surprise!! and Merry Christmas.  Lisa found her new home on Christmas day.

Ivory - 12 years 5.2 lbs.  Beautiful Piabald Parti markings.  Slightly shy girl that is beginning to warm up.  She actually has pretty good teeth for this old with 11 remaining.  Vet care complete 08/20 - some weakness in hips and knees. Ivory Found Her Home!


Beverley  - 12 years 4.4 lbs - Vet care completed 08/24 - Eye infection (treating), grade III patellas.  Front right foot has old break now healed, she does favor it at times.  Recommend adding glucosamine condroitin to diet. Beverley Found Her Home!

Callie - 10 years 3.8 lbs.  This little one came to our surrender as one of five abandoned kids.  She is very much on the shy side so will need some work in socializing.  She has one adorable tooth left.  Vet Care complete 08/29 - Callie Found Her Home!

Bear - 10 year 4.6 lbs.  This little one came to our surrender as one of five abandoned kids.  Very much on the shy side so will need some work in socializing.  Bear is coming out of it very quickly.  Vet care complete 08/22 - Grade 2 of 6 heart murmur.  We are recommending a cardiologist evaluation with his placement.  Bear Found His Home!


Shaneece  - 11 years 5.6 lbs.  Sweet and affectionate girl.  She is getting some medicated baths for her coat loss and had no teeth.  Vet care complete 08/22 - Shaneece Found Her Home!

Gabe - 11 years 4.6 lbs.  Another naked boy that is getting some medicated baths to help with the coat loss.  The surrender indicated that he has a old injury in spine or hip.  Some days he walks with a funny sideways gate.  We are watching this closely.
Gabe Found His Home!

Remmy - 7 years 8.2 lbs.  Remmy hates the blowdryer.  Very pretty little black parti boy.  Once you win her hear he is very sweet.  He is very food responsive so the way to his heart is through the best cookie.  Remmy has only a few missing teeth.  Vet care complete 08/22
Remmy Found His Home!


Gemma - 10 years 5.2 lbs. Ultra sweet and affectionate girl.  Engaging and entertaining.  Only two remaining teeth.
Gemma Found Her Home!

Bubbles  - 11 years 5.6 lbs.  Adorable little fur doll.  Getting some medicated baths to help with her coat.  She does have some weakness in one knee, unsure at this point if  it is luxated patella or injury.  She is another kid with no teeth.  Bubbles choose this time to come into heat so she will be waiting for that to be over before getting her spay.
Bubbles Found Her Home!

Mia - 8 years 4.4 lbs - Very shy girl.  This little one came to our surrender as one of five abandoned kids.  She is very much on the shy side so will need some work in socializing.  Vet complete 08/31 -
Mia Found Her Home!

Bolt  - 10 years 4 lbs - Tiny naked little man.  Needs a home without children as "he will eat them" LOL
  He has a old eye injury, is getting medicated baths for his coat loss, and has no teeth.  Vet care complete 08/20 - grade 3-4 of 6 heart murmur.  We are recommending a cardiologist evaluation with his placement.
Bolt Found His Home!

Fibbers  - 10 years 2.8 lbs.  OMG Adorable.  This little one needed to find her home quickly or I could have easily fallen for her myself.  She is a super tiny sassy little girl who is going to bring much entertainment into her new home.  She is getting some medicated baths for her coat loss and has no teeth.  Vet care complete 08/20
Fibbers Found Her Home!

Purdy  - 10 years 3.6 lbs - Sweet and affectionate, totally made for your lap, little girl.  Missing all of her teeth.  Vet care complete 08/20 - Purdy Found Her Home!

Dizzy  - 12 years 6.6 lbs - Vet Care complete 08/27
Dizzy Found Her Home!

Fila  - 10 years 3.6 lbs - Vet care completed 08/22 - ****
Fila Found Her New Home!

Greta  - 10 years 6 lbs - Vet care completed 08/24 - Greta Found Her New Home!

Jasmine  - 10 years 7.4 lbs - Vet Care completed 08/31 -
Jasmine Found Her Home!

Kelly  - 9 years 6.2 lbs -
Found His Home!

Jackie  - 12 years 8.3 lbs - Has a cyst on her side that was removed at the time of her spay.  She is recovering very well.
Jackie Found Her Home!

Katie  - 9 years 4.8 lbs - Vet care complete 08/31 - Katie Found Her Home!

Lady  - 10 years 6.2 lbs - Vet Care complete 08/29 -   Lady Found Her Home!

Lilly  - 4 years 5.6 lbs - Vet Care complete 08/27 - No on-going health concerns found.  Lilly Found Her Home!

Paige  - 4 years 8.8 lbs - Vet care complete 08/27 - has old injury to her left eye from a cat puncture.  Eye can be dry so we expect her to need medication in that eye as on-going maintenance. Paige Found Her Home!


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