I very frequently get requests for help and information on training.  In answering these questions I have chosen several book (and a few other goodies) that I have found good.  The proceeds from the sales of these books goes into our Vet fund.
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Way To Go
How to Housetrain a Dog of Any Age
~Author:  Karen London PhD and Patricia McConnell PhD~

This clear, concise booklet written by Patricia McConnell and Karen London can help your puppy or adult dog learn a lifetime of good house training habits. Perfect for new dog owners, and the perfect addition to puppy packets or puppy socialization classes. This small, reader-friendly dog training booklet will help any dog and dog lover get off on the right paw.

Paperback New


Feeling Outnumbered?
How to manage and Enjoy Your Multi-dog Household
~Author:  Karen London PhD and Patricia McConnell PhD~

This is a great resource if you're looking for some dog training tips to create a little order out of the canine chaos in your home, or wondering how in the world you'll manage the entire pack for a walk around the neighborhood. Perhaps you're concerned that there is tension between two of the dogs in your pack or whether your dog's play might escalate into aggression. Written to help you maximize the joy of living in a multi-dog household, it emphasizes the use of  positive training methods to teach your dogs to be polite and patient instead of demanding and pushy. Filled with practical ideas about keeping life fun in houses that have two dogs or many more than that.

Paperback New


Leader of the Pack
... and Have Your Dog Love You For It!
~Author:  Patricia McConnell PhD~

Dogs Need Guidance ... Just Like Kids do!
Being a benevolent leader is NOT the same as
"getting dominance" over your dog!

This dog training booklet clarifies how to be a benevolent leader and avoid aggression related to fear or dominance. If you want to be a natural leader to your dog -- like any good teacher or parent -- and teach your dog that being polite is fun, this booklet tells you how to do it in a peaceful, kind way. The ideas and exercises are based on the way dogs communicate with each other, so they are highly effective and easy for your dog to understand.

Paperback New


For The Love Of A Dog
Understanding Emotion in You and Your Best Friend.
Learn what Your Dog's Face is Telling You!
~Author:  Patricia McConnell PhD~

For those of us who deeply cherish our dogs but are sometimes baffled by their behavior, Patricia McConnell's For the Love of a Dog will come as a revelation-a treasure trove of useful facts, informed speculation, and intriguing accounts of emotions in people and dogs. Readers will discover how fear, anger, and happiness underlie the lives of both people and dogs and, most important, how understanding emotion in both species can improve the relationship between them. Like the Other End of the Leash, this book is a combination of science, stories and practical advice that can improve the relationship between dogs and people all over the world.

Paperback New


The Other End of the Leash
~Author:  Patricia McConnell PhD~

Ever wondered why your dog doesn't always do what you want? Sometimes the answer lies in the mirror! This nationally acclaimed book written by Patricia McConnell looks at humans as just another interesting species, muses about how dogs might interpret our behavior, and suggests how to interact with them in ways that bring out the best in our four-legged friends.

Paperback New


Family Friendly Dog Training
A Six-Week Program for You and Your Dog
~Author:  Patricia McConnell PhD~

Do you want your dog to be polite and well-behaved in every situation?
Do you want your dog to sit and wait patiently at the door when company arrives - EVERY time?
Do you want your dog to do what you say without having to "get dominance" over him?

Even if you aren't a professional dog trainer, you can still have a well-trained, happy, polite dog. You need Family Friendly Dog Training because you want your dog to be a happy, obedient member of the family.

Paperback New


Help for Your Shy Dog:  Turning Your Terrified Dog into a Terrific Pet
~Author:  Deborah Wood~

Your shy dog isn't alone:  Shyness ranks behind aggression as the most common behavioral problem in dogs.  Understanding the causes of this pervasive problem, however, can help you provide the guidance that your dog needs to overcome their fear.

Paperback New


Little Dogs:  Training Your Pint-Sized Companion
~Author:  Deborah Wood~

Forget about running with the wolves... In many ways small dogs teach us more about the mystery and magic of canines than their larger cousins can.  There is no more intimate experience in dogdom than sharing your life with a small dog.

Paperback Used - Excellent Condition


Little Dogs' Activity Book
~Author:  Deborah Wood~

Does your little dog seem to have boundless energy? Are you searching for new ways to not only keep your vivacious small friend entertained but also avoid destructive behavior and encourage healthy habits?
The Little Dogs' Activity Book provides dozens of ideas on how to get active with small dogs (defined as those weighing less than 20 pounds) both inside and outside the home, to alleviate boredom, and keep your pet fit and cheerful. This unique guide includes step-by-step instructions for amusing tricks, enjoyable outdoor sports, instructions for games (including dog-themed puzzles), delightful doggy parties, and even travel. This book also offers tips for dogs and people who have limited mobility, a disability, or age-related challenges. The fun design includes photos and illustrations that help inspire little dog owners to develop fresh ideas for their diminutive canine friends.

If you have been looking for the best ways to keep your small dog amused, The Little Dogs' Activity Book is a fantastic and fun resource to help avert problem behaviors while encouraging happiness and wellness in your petite pet.

Paperback New


Puppy Primer
~Author:  Brenda Scidmore and Patricia McConnell PhD~

Help those 4-footed bundles of joy get off on the right paw with a puppy training book that is affordable and easy to read. Puppy Primer includes all the basics from house breaking to coming when called, and stresses positive-based methods that make training fun and effective for the whole family.

Paperback New


The Cautious Canine
Step by Step explanations of how to prevent and treat behavioral
problems related to fear.
~Author: Patricia McConnell PhD~

So many behavioral problems in dogs result from fear, but fear-based problems can become worse if treated incorrectly. This booklet provides a step-by-step dog training program of desensitizing and counter classical conditioning. It can help you solve minor dog problems and prevent serious ones, whether your dog's fears include the vacuum cleaner, people with hats, or the stranger at the door. Covered are the oh-so-important details related to identifying exactly what triggers your dog, creating a step-by-step treatment plan, monitoring your progress, and why you need to treat the fear and not just your dog's reaction to the fear.

Paperback New


I'll Be Home Soon
How to Prevent and Treat Separation Anxiety
~Author:   Patricia McConnell PhD~

This booklet explains the difference between dogs who truly have separation anxiety and those that merely misbehave, and then describes a dog behavior modification program for the prevention and treatment of both problems.

Written by Patricia McConnell, this booklet describes a dog behavior modification program for the prevention and treatment of separation anxiety. A treasure chest of ideas for keeping your dog happy in your absence, this booklet can help prevent and treat both minor and severe dog problems related to being "home alone." Clear and understandable, this easy to read booklet is written for anyone who wants to leave the house knowing that their dog is happy and their house is safe.

Paperback New


Dog Is My Co-Pilot
Do You Love Your Dog so Much it Hurts?

~Author:   "Bark" Editors~

"Love Means Never Having to Say Anything at All" in this delightful collection of essays about one-in-a-million dogs and her thoughts about the wondrous connection between people and dogs.

Adult/High School-The editors of Berkeley's popular Bark magazine have compiled this appealing collection of essays and short stories exploring every aspect of the dog/owner relationship. Some of the selections are light and humorous, but most are serious attempts to explain the important role a dog plays in one's life. Well-known writers such as Rick Bass, Erica Jong, Alice Walker, and Ann Patchett are contributors and cartoonist Lynda Barry offers a sweet graphic story. Animal-loving teens will be deligthed with this collection.-Penny Stevens, Andover College, Portland, ME

Paperback New


Ain't Misbehavin
~Author:   John C. Wright, PHD~

With a basic understanding of what your pet's needs are and how they can go about helping their dog or cat fulfill them, clients are nearly always able to help resolve the situation or improve it to the point where everyone is coping nicely again. We still have much to learn about what our domesticated animals are like.

Hardcover New


Everybody Can Train Their Own Dog
~Author:   Angela White~

Offering, in layman's terms, the key to successful dog training.  Whether you are a seasoned pet owner, dog-show enthusiast, professional handler or instructor, or completely new to dogs.  Problem solving and prevention are made easy by the A to Z arrangement of topics and the insightful explanation of how the canine mind operates.

Hardcover New


What My Dog Does
A journal for dogs and the people they own.
~author:  Jim Dratfield

Keep track of your puppy's life and create a memory album
you will cherish forever.

Hardcover Like New
May show some very slight shelf wear.
No writings or damage to pages.


Our Puppy's Baby Book
~author:  Howell Book House

Create a lasting memento of those precious puppy moments!  Whether adopted from the humane society or from a friend.  Record all of those sweet details an antics that you want to remember forever.

Hardcover New


The Rainbow Bridge
~Author: Paul C. Daham~

"A vision of pets in Heaven."

Paperback Used, Excellent condition.


50 Simple Ways To Pamper Your DOG
~Author: Arden Moore~

Dogs are begging for more.  Want to Coddle your collie?  Spoil your Spaniel? Bond with your Boxer?  Cherish your Chihuahua?  Then you will need this one-of-a-kind guide to grooming, exercising, feeding, and showing extra TLC

Paperback Used, Excellent condition.


How to Live with a Neurotic Dog
Stephen Baker~

Can you cure your neurotic dog?  One of the most important relationships in your life is the one you enjoy with your dog.  he is your companion and his loyalty is unmatched by any other animal -- or human.  How to live with a Neurotic Dog may not solve your relationship with your four legged friend, but at least it will keep you both laughing.

Paperback Used, Excellent condition.



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