P3 Breed Identification Contest

The DNA results came back for the girls.
What a surprise to me.

 When I first opened the file with the results (click here for 10mg pdf) showing one full Chihuahua parent and one half Pomeranian and half mixed breed my response was total disbelief.   I contacted the company asking them “are you sure?”

 Their answer is below and totally  makes sense the identification of the mix breed grandparent totally fills in the blanks J so these girls are half Chihuahua, quarter Pomeranian and a quarter mix that includes Poodle and Spaniel.

 None of the terrier that we had predicted LOL.

 Here is the response from the Vet reading the results.

 “The sample obtained from Pru was of very good quality and generated a very good genetic signature that supports that she had a Chihuahua parent with a Pomeranian grandparent.  The other grandparent is a mix of mix though there is evidence of some spaniel and Poodle in the mix.  From the provided pictures, we see that Pru exhibits a long coat and a black and tan pattern - both of these traits are recessive meaning that she needed to inherit these genes from both sides of her family tree in order to express these traits.  Both the Chihuahua and Pomeranian carry both of these traits.  Pru also exhibits facial furnishings (the beard and eye brows) and drop (down) ears with what appears to be a light curl or soft wire appearance of the coat.  A single copy of the wire or the curl gene can cause this appearance.  Both the curl and wire gene are dominant as are the furnishings trait and drop ear genes which are being passed down to Pru through the mixed grandparent and perhaps from the distant Poodle.  The overall shape and size of the ears, their position on the head, as well as the overall facial features such as muzzle length and brow width are the result of all the ancestors working together towards the average.  As such, it is not surprising that Pru exhibits an intermediate muzzle length and brow width.  Visual ID has been shown to be only ~25% accurate.  Though we do not state an accuracy on our swab kits because the sample quality obtained is dependent on the client's success in swabbing, our internal testing on our blood test kits has shown it to be over 90% accurate.  Given the sample obtained from Pru was on par with what we would obtain from a blood test sample, we would expect her test's accuracy to be equivalent.  Thus, Pru is the unique result of the various genes that she has received from her pure and mixed ancestors which have worked together to make her one-of-a kind.”


Phoebe Piper and Pru are sisters who were removed from the California Shelter system. 


Here's the rules:

  • A minimum $1 per guess to be submitted via PayPal to P3Contest@DisplacedPetsRescue.com (send to friends and family) -or- by mail to Displaced Pets Rescue, 54585 Nehalem Hwy S, Vernonia OR 97064.  Be sure to include your guess and your contact information.  Note:  You are welcome to donate more to this contest if you wish.

  • You can enter as many times as you wish - each breed combination is a separate entry.

  • "Terrier" is not a breed - be more specific like "Skye Terrier" or "Norwich Terrier".  (these are not guesses, just examples)

  • You can guess Multiple breeds for the combination - like "Cairn Terrier, Poodle & Doberman" (these are not guesses, just examples)

  • If there are multiple winners the pot will be split equally amongst them.
    The winner/winners are welcome to donate their winnings back to the rescue.

The winner or winners of this contest will receive 50%
of the total monies collected.

Thank you Mars Veterinary for the generous donation of the Wisdom Panel Insights DNA test kit.
DNATest kit sample submitted was taken from Pru.  Sample was mailed  07/05/2013.

Here are the girls.

All three girls are sweet and affectionate. They all have similar body types so as you look in the pictures what you can't see in one you should be able to see in the other.  Pru has the softest coat more silky in appearance.  Piper has some of the more wiry hair along with the silky stuff Phoebe has more of the wiry hair and very little of the silky.  On their heads the coat is all very similar soft and silky stuff.


Piper has her new home.

Pru has her new home.



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