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Last update 02/20/2020

I intend to keep this page updated with the changes that I see and hope that anyone who uses this system will contact me with their opinions as well.  I am also interested if you use other kinds of units or filters and the results that you see with those.

10/06/2015 - I believe I have successfully communicated through this blog how completely impressed with this unit I am.  It has made a huge difference in our home.  I do have to remember to turn it back on when our PoweSlide 1r has been out, but that is true with most of the filters I have tried.  I love that this is not a filter, that here is never a filter to replace, no additional expense other than the unit itself.  I love what it has done in our home.  The difference with my allergies is 100 fold.  It totally gets rid of the odors, so much so that I have to schedule myself a reminder to clean the cat litter box. I recently had a visitor that could not believe that the litter box was behind the chair they were sitting in.  They moved the chair and looked into the box to make sure.  She was so impressed that she had one in her home in short order.

 I continue to have no spiders or other bugs in the room where I have this unit.  This I find to be incredibly amazing as I hate spiders and have never found anything non-chemical that will keep them outside where they belong.  There continues to be no dust in the air.  We live on a highway and there has been some road work going on lately, there is still nothing floating in my air.

We replaced our windows this summer and through all the open hole construction dirt it was obvious that the filter was making those particles drop to the floor. The dry wall dust was pretty cool to watch as you could see this layer of dust falling and above it was clear as can be.   The last time I did a big dust producing project we had drywall floaters for days before it all cleared.

So - all around this is the air purifier that I recommend for anyone with pets, in an older house with molds and dust or someone looking for help with allergies.  If you are interested in getting one of them email me at and I will send your contact information on to the right person at TriadAer.

08/22/2015 - The unit is getting its workout today. So far with all the fires around we have had very little smoke. Today is a different story though. The winds have blown in a lot of it. Inside my house though is crystal clear. When I was out for a bit doing some cleanup work it took about 10 minutes for my asthma to kick in forcing me to retreat back into the house. Wickett and I are camped out doing some paperwork at the desk.

08/19/2015 - Very cool discovery re-affirming my love for this unit.  We went on vacation and took the unit with us to use in the hotel room.  I don't know about anyone else, but I generally find them stuffy, then when I travel with dogs things just get icky.  Our room stayed great, clean fresh air with no stale odors through our stay.  Then when I got home and walked in - Oh My Gosh!!! - icky... Without the filter our house felt stale and once again there were floaties in the air.  I couldn't get the unit plugged in and running quick enough.

07/25/2015 - I continue to be totally impressed with this system. After three months the air continues to be fresh and clear.  Interesting observation lately is that we have no bugs - generally during this time of year it is a challenge to keep the flies out of the house.  We have no flies, no nats and no spiders in the main part of the house where the unit lives.  The other thing I am very pleased to notice is that my cat litter box has no smell. I have only one cat - but, anyone who has cats will understand when I say at first smell I change the litter out.  Generally that happens on a weekly - at least basis.  The other day I got to thinking that it had been a very long time since I had changed it and we have no smell.  Upson checking under the hood - it was disgusting - I couldn't believe that there was no smell. Guess it is time to start scheduling litter box cleaning so that I don't forget the poor cat.

04/30/2015 - After being away from home for a couple of weeks I could feel an obvious difference when I came back home. The air is crystal clear and fresh. This is the time of year that Wickett has the most problem with his allergies as well and he has had no issues at all. With spring so early this year I expected to find him all stuffy when I got home.

04/09/2015 - We did our big Spring Cleaning yesterday and I have to say I am super impressed. We cleaned the top of cupboards that haven't been touched in years. I totally expected to have dust flying everywhere, but it wasn't. Of course I had dust bunnies on the floor, but there was absolutely no dust hanging in the air. I have been used to the fact that when I dust things by the next morning there is a new thin layer of dust on them again, because of floating in the air. Not this morning. all of my clean things are still sparkling clean with nothing floating in the air at all.  I am beyond impressed with this unit!

04/07/2015 - So far I am liking it. I think that the biggest most obvious thing is the lack of floaties in the air. I am breathing easier and have not had to resort to the inhaler for several days now. With all the spring stuff going on I was using it on a daily basis. If you are interested in talking with the rep let me know and I will have Mike contact you. He is in Vancouver and he came out to make sure I had it all set up right and to make sure I understood how to work with it. He is also way interested in inputs to whether it helps or not, expectations and results - good or bad.

Question from Janea:  I'm interested. How much do they cost?

My response:  They aren't cheap at $895 (that may have been a show special). But, when I consider all that I have spent on other units and filters I have tried I have spent way more than that... and this one is actually doing what I need it to. It will be interesting this week to see what happens when Chanda and I clean. We are taking down all my figurines (you know I have a lot of those) and cleaning ceiling to floor.

04/06/2015 - OK - so this is kind of a interesting observation. Over the past three days I have felt really great - not constantly tired. I have been way productive and sleeping really well. The Asthma is also doing really great with no issues at all and no inhaler needs. I know it is really quick to tell if these are real changes or not, but since I went into this skeptical I am more inclined to feel positive about it all.

Comment from Julie:  There is a lot of controversy with ionation I've know a few people that in the long run makes your asthma way worse and damages your lungs.. so do your research.

My response:  Thanks Julie that was actually one of my concerns. I don't want to get so that the only place I can breathe is in my home. i would love to hear from people who have used this or other ion units. Especially folks who used it long term.

04/03/2015 -  I am trying something new here. We have tried all kinds of air filters without much luck. The ones I have worked with all end up filled with dog hair and dirt, expensive for filters and simply don't work or don't last. Last weekend I brought home a new Triad Aer purifier and just over a week I am seeing huge changes. The first thing I noticed was that the dust motes that hang in the air are gone. The air seems clear and cooler. I have also been having fewer issues with my asthma and Wickett my seasonal allergy dog is having fewer issues. It is tough for me to determine if there is change in any odors, but I have someone who comes in the mornings to help me and she says, even though we didn't have bad odors, she smells an improvement with this new filter.

Next week we are going to be spring cleaning top to bottom. I live on a highway and seem to always have a layer of dust on things no matter how much I clean. I am very excited to see how this new system deals with the dust we stir up.


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