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Arrived 11/08/2022
Breed:  Pomeranian
Gender: Male
Age: Approximately 5 years
Weight:  10 lbs


Astro is a very shy boy.  He does great coming and going from his own crate.  He is very shy about handling and will need to come around in his own time.  We are looking for a dog savvy adult home that has dealt with a more difficult personality.  He makes me think of a farm dog who just wants to hang out in the presence of his people.  No other pets and no children please.




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Adoption Application
The adoption application is required prior to setting up an appointment to meet the dogs.
Meetings are done by appointment only after a complete application is received and approved.  The application is a key part to the interview process so please give me thoughtful answers as yes/no responses may be eliminated for lack of detail.

Before proceeding with this application please note - we only place our dogs within the Pacific Northwest area, which includes, Washington, Oregon and Idaho.


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Visits are by appointment only, after we have an approved application on-file.
Please do not call me for detail on a specific dog.  Those questions are dealt with by email.
This will allow me to stay focused on the work that I need to do in caring for these little guys.
Once I have reviewed your application I will be contacting you at the email you have included in the application.





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