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This page is dedicated to our successes.
These are some of the Poms who have passed through our care.  They are now living in wonderful loving homes.
~None listed on this page are available, they all now have furever homes.~
Please refer to our Available page for dogs that are looking for families.

See Some of Our 2016 Placements & Successes Here

-Princess Update-
Not a new placement, just had to share.
"Princess previously known as Dixie loving her new home and big sister Diana"


-Norby Norbit-



-Bree update-
Not a new placement, just had to share.

"We are so blessed to have Bree in our lives. She has fit in perfectly with our family and had really bonded with her "mama." She has helped us heal from the loss of our sweet Patron. She is such a lover and so easy-going. Her favorite things are long walks, tearing the squeakers out of her toys and snuggling on the bed to read books with my 6 year old daughter. Thank you for helping her and taking a chance on a scared little dog."



Not a new placement, but just had to share.

"Hi Christy — three years plus in my new home, and it is all getting better and better. You knew me as Echo, but I am now known as Yogi. Mom thought the new name may bestow wisdom and mirth… I am pure Pom, so I prefer the mirth. 

I fall in love with every woman I meet, and while I still have a ways to go with men, but I am so much better. I have lots of friends to walk with, and even trust big dogs way more than when I first arrived. I go on lots of trail hiking, woods walking and romping on the beach. Life is good.

I want you to know how much I appreciate the work that you do for us little guys and gals. We may all have been through a hard time, but we know that it does get better when someone in our lives loves us. Thank you!

As you can see, my coat is now profuse, long and lush, and I know how to flirt with the camera.

Blessings of the season!

Yogi “Yo-Yo-Man” Brown
Bellingham, WA"


Alfie is a very special little guy who we removed from a California shelter.  When we got him he had severe infec
tions in his eyes, with a puncture in one of them.  At the point he arrived in Oregon we had our doubts if we could save either eye, but with a lot of care we were able to conquer the infections.  As the left eye healed and we could see his vision returning we were able to see that the right eye was beyond saving.  The damage to the optic never was more than could heal.  Alfie was a recipient of an amazing new program here called Hannahs Helping Hands.  The docs at Hannah Pets did the eye removal and got Alfie all ready for finding his new home.  He got his wonderful new home just in time for Christmas with a family who will give him all the love he disserves.  Our latest note indicate that he rules the condo and charms everyone he meets.







-Ivy and Bean-

-Captain Jack-


BJ is going to be a trucker buddy.


-Jet & Sadie-

-Stacy Lou Who-
Stacy Lou Who is a very special little girl.  Shortly after her arrival here we realized she had a heart issue.  Since she we felt she was under 5 years old we we were quick to make an appointment with a cardiologist to determine what was going on.  She was found to have a condition called PDA, which is a small vein used during pregnancy that closes off after birth.  Hers did not close and having that cross over was causing her heart to work very hard and to sound like a very bad double heart murmur.  The condition is not a problem with the heart itself, but the arteries supplying blood to it.  The overworking caused by the condition had cause some enlargement.  The good thing with this is that the condition is correctable by surgery.  At that Cardologist visit he also  identified that the lower lid of her genetic small eye was turned inward.  Since she was doing so wonderfully through the PDA repair he opted to remove that bad eye so that the source of future contamination and issues was gone.  After Stacy had her surgery there was a significant change in how her heart felt in her chest.  Within a few days she had become a different girl outgoing and engaging, playing with the other young kids.  Stacy Lou found a home today with a wonderful couple who will continue her care with the cardiologist and provide for whatever she may need in her upcoming years.  Thank you so much to all who donated to help us provide Stacy with her surgery and congratulations to Kevin and Julie on their new family member.

















-Lulu now Mila-
Lulu is another perfect example of what shaving your Pom will do to the coat.  It is obvious that she was cut into a Lion Cut.  Then when the sun and weather was able to reach her skin it became very damaged.  Protecting her skin with t-shirts and medicated baths may help to restore it to good health - but the likely hood of ever having a lovely Pom coat again is pretty slim.


-Millie Bug-






This poor little man was removed from his home, by an officer, with an untreated partial amputation.  When asked what happened the officer was told that "his foot just fell off a couple months ago".  Charges were pressed.  After arrival at the shelter they amputated the remainder of the leg.  You can see in the pictures he is a fun and silly boy.  Being a tripod has not slowed him a bit.  Now he is a much loved  member of an Amazing family.







Oden with his new family

Odin is a little guy who went through a nightmare.  He arrived at a California shelter with a large open wound.  With the type of wound, a clean straight cut and pulling back of the skin, the vets agree that this appears to be a human inflicted wound.  The shelter vet cleaned the wound, stapled and inserted a drain.  We were able to take him from the shelter three days after the surgery.  At that point he had a pretty significant infection and was in some very severe pain, as the shelter never put him on any pain meds.  Even with all that he went though he is a sweet and caring little guy.  He is now in a great home where he will be training to be a Therapy dog and will continue to inspire children and adults with his great attitude on life.  Oden touched many of us as he passed through our lives and we are thrilled that we could be there to help him begin the rest of his life with someone who really cares about him.

Playing on the couch just one day after arriving here with us.

Odin arrived with us in the loving arms of Holly.
Holly and her husband were vacationing
near to where Naomi was fostering.

Odin in the arms of Naomi, his shelter angel.  Naomi pulled him fro the shelter and provided care for him
until he was stable enough to make the trip to us.

Oden's wound.
These show his incision and the infection.

Odin at his last California Vet visit.  Wearing his new body shirt to protect what was still at that time a wound left open to drain.

Wound progression - first is after removing the staples.
It is all open and infected at that point, second is three days later and third is right before traveling to us.





Riddle of the day - What is ? + ? and has springs in his feet - Answer Tyrion!
My guess is ? + ? = Doxie + Yorkie... maybe...

Tyrion is our perpetual motion machine. He will be joining a young couple who will have fun
finding all the wiggles and putting the leaps to good work.












-Princess and Texas-
Princess and Texas did not arrive here together or from the same place, but they now have a wonderful forever home together with two wonderful ladies.




-Mace Windu-

-Elektra  aka Hazel-
Elektra, now Hazel, has fit right in to our family and she seems very happy.  Hazel is smart and enjoys learning tricks and what we expect of her.   She has a great temperament and enjoys going anywhere we go.  Her separation anxiety is subsiding and her worried expression is going away as well.  Her eyes look happy. 

The vet let us know that she has a heart murmur and we will be monitoring it twice a year.  She has been eating well and appears to be gaining weight.

 Here she is, in Maltese heaven, enjoying some lap time with one of her kids and Lucy.  Janell"


-Spidie Man-



-Wookie aka Shakie, Shake Rattle and Roll-


This is the most amazing placement.  Sharon and Eric have adopted from me before.  When I received these Poms, Sally was having issues with her knee and my intention was to keep her for a bit to see how progressed and if more treatment was going to be necessary.  Sharon and Eric jumped in without hesitation falling in love with Sally's sweet and silly personality immediately.  They have experience working with knee issues in little dogs and are totally committed to giving Sally whatever care her knee needs in the future.  Feeling very blessed today that we have such wonderful people who touch our lives.  I know that Sally is going to receive the very best.










-Baby Dallas-








In 2015
Rescues - 105 (30 Pomeranian & Pom Mix, 38 from Oregon Shelters)
Placements - 103 including 5 special needs and 23 Seniors ( 13 - 9 years and over and 10 - 8 years )
Financial needs assistance -  12 instances

Click here to see some of those placements.





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