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This page is dedicated to our successes.
These are some of the Poms who have passed through our care.  They are now living in wonderful loving homes.
~None listed on this page are available, they all now have furever homes.~
Please refer to our Available page for dogs that are looking for families.

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-Macarena (Mac)-


-Amber Rose-




-Michael Jackson (Mikie)-


-Wolfie & Beamer-







-Oogie Boogie Man-




(now Saphire)
& Gracie-


Hansel and Gretel were found together in a box.  After coming to us it became evident that Gretel needed a more peaceful existence and Gretel needs more engagement than they were getting together. Gretel found a wonderful home with other senior dogs and is very much loved.


-Lulu Belle & Allie Belle-














Check out Bizzie's facebook fan page.


This little guy arrived to us as 5 pound boy is a 12 pound package.  He had been surrendered at a local vet office asking for his euthanasia because of his weight and inability to walk. Thankfully the Vet knew that Bizy, at 5 years old has a lot of love to give.

 We began an aggressive exercise and diet program and arrived at a health weight.  I was thrilled to watch the relationship develop with Tee, my niece who moved in to work with me as my assistant, and Bizy.  Tee worked with Bizy every single day helping him to overcome and compensate for the issues caused by his time of extreme overweight.  To be able to continue our work with Bizy and watch as he continues to improve is a true treasure.  Tee will soon have his fan page going and we will link it there to continue showing all of his great milestones.



Today Bizzy was chatty and motoring.  Love it!!!  We are seeing way more activity out of this sweet little man.



-Gypsie Rose & Slinky


-Dezi & Lucy
Dezi and Lucy were two very senior kids who were with us for nearly a year.  Lucy had gone through several strokes and recovered quite well, although she still had some issues with coordination.  Both of them arrived with flea dermatitis and badly chopped coats and infected skin.  Now they will live the remainder of their lives with someone who loves them and will give them all of the attention that they disserve.  We believe that they lost their home due to a death of an owner and found themselves surrendered to the Calif. shelter system after that.  We were, just barley, able to pull them together so that they could spend the remainder of their lives together. The shelter experience and transport took their tole and they had a long road back to good senior health, but they blossomed.

-Mr TT Man




April arrived to us with severely infected teeth gums and jaw.  When we began cleaning her teeth we discovered that she had a broken jaw that likely was a result of the horrible infection.  She received surgery to have her jaw wired and began an intensive course of antibiotics.  While at the Vet's office one one of the staff fell in complete love with her and adopted her - taking on all of her continued care.  She now lives in and is in love with a wonderful family.  The key from this is that April is a poster child for maintaining your dogs teeth.  Annual dentals are so very important.  This little girl went through a huge amount of pain and suffering because she was not cared for.














When Jill arrived to us she had a horrible skin fungus and yeast infection.  After many medicated baths and much love and care Jill was a totally different character when she was placed.  Where the shelter was estimating her age 10 or older we believe her to be more in the 7 year range.  Her personality shown once her skin was no longer a hot mess.




-Lil' Tex-







-Ellie Mae Update-
Not a new placement, just had to share.  Wearing her new outfit from http://DPRBoutique.com

-Princess, aka Dixie Update-
Not a new placement, just had to share.









In 2016
Rescues - 97 (35 Pomeranian & Pom Mix, 31 Chihuahua & Chi Mix)
Of these rescues 20 were from Oregon Shelters 30 from California Shelters.
Placements - 94 including 9 special needs and 15 Seniors (over 9 years)
Five of the special needs were major medical cases.
Financial needs assistance -  7 instances

Click here to see some of those placements.



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