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This page is dedicated to our successes.
These are some of the Poms who have passed through our care.  They are now living in wonderful loving homes.
~None listed on this page are available, they all now have furever homes.~
Please refer to our Available page for dogs that are looking for families.

See Some of Our 2018 Placements & Successes Here

-Sica - not a new placement just a fun update-
Dear Christy,
We wanted to take a moment to wish you and your family a happy holiday.  
Sica is well and happy and there still isn’t a day that goes by that we’re not so grateful for having her in our family.  Loving and taking care of her is a privilege.   

Wishing you the best in 2019.
Carrie, Jerry and Sica






-Mr Gray


(Count Drakeula)-






Cammie came to us with a broken hip and femoral head.  We tried to save the leg with a FHO (femoral head removal) but were not able to save it.  She is an amazing three legged girl who isn't bothered by her handicap at all.  Now she in a great home with two pommie sisters.





Bree went through FHO surgery (removal of the femoral head).  In her new home she is going to be working with the Oregon University Vet Rehab Center to get the best physical therapy there is to offer.  She will be amazing in her new home.




aka Bunny-































Robbie found a new jogging buddy.  This will be so great for his higher energy personality.

After a year and three months with us Sammie finally found her forever home.  This home will allow her to engage at her own speed.  She will be very much loved and never have to see a shelter or halfway house (like me) again.



Cinnamon doing great in her new home.  Can't wait to see her coat when it is done growing.

Arrival pics below

When we pulled Cinnamon from the shelter this was the condition we found she had been surrendered in. 
She is healing up so nicely, although there is still a ways to go and we are protecting her skin from sun exposure as her coat comes back.


Jasmine's new owner took a leap of faith in adopting her.  She had some mamary masses removed and we did not have the results at that time.  She was "all in" and it didn't matter a bit to her what the biopsy results were.  This was the sweet response I received from her new owner after we were thrilled to communicate her biopsy results were non-cancerous.

"Thank you so much Christy!! That is absolutely AMAZING news!! :) I'm so so happy!!!

Jasmine (we've starting calling her Moxie :) ) is such an amazing pup, she came home and immediately fit exactly in like she'd always been there. Sarah was exactly right about the pee pads and her already understanding routines like bedtime -- she's so so smart, and it's clear that someone before us really loved her and taught her very well. 

When we got home for the first time she came in, met our cat Elvis (was unimpressed in a fantastic way) and then took herself on a three-lap tour of every room and nook/cranny of the house! Then she picked out my nightstand as her preferred chill spot and settled right in for a nap. Later that night we took her for a walk, she did awesome -- she's a ROCKET! -- she's full of energy and happily set a quick pace that we giggled as we tried to keep up with! 

The next morning she woke up and did another multi-lap tour of the house, peed on the pad and then jumped up onto my bed and settled in until I got out of bed. I think she was checking to see if everything was how she remembered from the night before :) Since then she's become super chill, she's awesome with Elvis and when I'm paying attention to Elvis (and not her) --  except for when I come home from work and she's been alone for a bit -- then it's jumping and excited almost-barking for a few minutes. She's shown us that she must have been trained to travel in purses or bags -- anytime we unzip one she hops in!! She also looks out the window for us (you can see her from the driveway) when we leave and come home and then runs to meet us at the front door, it's absolutely the most adorable thing I've ever seen. She's been amazing at listening/heeding when we say things (like come back out of that yard it's not ours or don't leave the deck) -- she completely understands (and only sometimes tries to push her limits lol). She also understands when we need to pay attention to other things and when we hope for snuggles and always comes when we call her.

Thank you again so much for everything you've done for her and for us; getting up in the morning and coming home at night is so much better with her there to greet me -- I already can't imagine life without her, she's almost incomprehensibly perfect for us :)

Much appreciated!  --Melinda


-Lambikins -n- Prudence-






-Baby Bear-





Remi arrived with us in much pain from a degenerative issues with a disk in his back. Within a few days he has lost function of his rear legs.  Neurologist reported a disk that had granular zed causing the paralysis. When consulting with a neurologist poor prognosis of regaining function and high pain estimations of a surgery eliminated that as an option.  He is not in pain and loves life.  His wheels were donated from Gunners Wheels and he absolutely LOVES them.  He gets so excited to get into them in the mornings.  He is now in a wonderful home where he will be so much loved.

-Rosie White-

When Rosie arrived she was in horrible condition.  Super skinny and with horrible skin infections.
The pictures below are from when we picked her up from transport.  Above are when she was in good health before leaving us.


Ariel is a sweet senior diabetic dog.  It takes a huge heart to take in and love her to the end.

-Rosie T-
Rosie is now making a loving and kind woman very happy.

-Precious & Cayenne-
Precious and Cayenne have gone to a wonderful hospice home
where they will spend their final days in comfort and love.

Iris is going to be training as a service dog!!!



-Gizmo and Gidget-





-Mickey Mouse-





-Boogie Bear-


Teddy was one of our Special Needs kids.  He came to us with a significant heart murmur.  The news was good and just monitoring is necessary for his future.  We are thrilled that he is now in an amazing home.

-Ginger aka Abby-


aka Marigold-




-Pinkie Girl-




PeeWee is an adorable little goober.  He came to us with symptoms similar to Cerebral Palsy.  He is not in a wonderful home with Sena who has the skills to manage his condition and help him to get the utmost from his life.

-Mr Watdon
aka Red-


-Blue Boy



(Jezzy) & Goliath




In 2017
Rescues - 102 (48 Pomeranian & Pom Mix, 30 Chihuahua & Chi Mix)
Placements - 90 including 13 special needs and 17 Seniors (over 9 years)
Six of the special needs were major medical cases.
Financial needs assistance -  5 instances

Click here to see some of those placements.



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