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This page is dedicated to our successes.
These are some of the Poms who have passed through our care.  They are now living in wonderful loving homes.
~None listed on this page are available, they all now have furever homes.~
Please refer to our Available page for dogs that are looking for families.

See Some of Our 2020 Placements & Successes Here

- Clair Bear -

- Tater Tot -

- Abby -

- Piper -

- Rose -

- Joyce -

- Wendy -

- Tulip and Bambi update -
Tulip was adopted in November of 2017 and Bambi in May of 2019
These little guys have become the closest of friends.

- Banjo -

- Zach -

- Bee  -

- Dorothy, now Queenie -

- Coco Puff -
- not a new placement, but a wonderful Pupdate -

"Just wanting to send along an update nearly 6 years later from
‘coco puff’ aka Charlie.

Charlie, as she’s been renamed, is doing so well and loving every minute of life.  She’s a completely different dog than when picking her up nearly six years ago.  She is such a sweetheart and just wants belly rubs all the time.  Her fur has totally grown in and she’s such a beautiful Pom! 

She’s also a bit lazy due to her left front leg abnormality but loves any adventure.  Her favorite pastime is getting on the airplane in her travel bag - just as long as she’s going with you she’s happy as a little clam. 

She has so many instant and long term friends. She just seems to put herself in everyone’s back pocket. They are such suckers!!  They always seem to offer that if we need to leave her for over a month or two that’s ok!! 

She has a few less teeth due to having to have the loose ones pulled. But a big plus was this last December teeth cleaning she did not ha e to have any pulled!!

Wherever she goes just make sure her food is there.  She never skips a meal and always reminds you it’s getting close to meal time. Even when having to board her overnight every now and again, ‘she’s one of the ones that always eats her food,’ according to the boarding place!  That’s our girl!!

We just can’t believe how much we love her and how lucky we are to have had Charlie find us.  Thank you so much for rescuing this sweet angel." 

- Blanche-

- Ginger-

- Tiny-

- Coco-

- Dennis-

- Foxy -

- Mulan -

- Slimpers -

- Lillie & Gracie -
Another very special senior placement.


- Momma & Sammie -
Our senior adopters hold a very special place in my heart.  Adopting a senior is an amazing act of love.
Giving that wonderful fur kid love and compassion through the last of their lives, taking on the special needs
and expenses of a senior furkid is one of the best things I see.

- Fuzzy Bear -

- Cinnamon -
Not a new placement, but a wonderful pupdate.

This is Cinnamon that came to us from SAC in July of 2018. The first picture is now . The other were when she arrived with us. We thought she was Papillion - looks Pom to me now. Here is what her owner has to say.

"Hello Christy!
Hope all is well with you and your family.
Just thought you might sometimes wonder how Cinnamon is doing. She is a wonderful little girl and is doing very well. She has been such a blessing to us and our poodle, Abby. She has given Abby a new zest for life and I believe has prolonged her life. Cinnamon is most precious to us. She follows me everywhere and, when napping, sleeps with “one eye open” to make sure I don’t leave the room without her. She is fearless, inquisitive and full of fun. We belong to a small dog group that meets at a grade school every Saturday morning, so she has other playmates, too. She has fit into our little family perfectly and I want to thank you for trusting us with her. Attached is a recent photo of her.

We wish you all the very best,

- Cooper -

- O'Dot -

- Pawni - formerly Sailor -
Not a new placement, but a wonderful pupdate.

"I was thinking today about the last time I emailed you (it was a long time ago), I was frustrated at the time because I was going through the adjustment period of Pawni finding his place in our family.  It was a lot of pee, bark-fighting, and angry roommates, but we got through it. 

I just wanted to let you know that I really, really love Pawni a lot, everyone does!  I get asked all the time if I would be willing to give him away, which of course I say no.  He's a happy, big-hearted little boy, who is funny, and playful, and full of love.  He's the sweetest pet I've ever adopted, and I can tell you put a lot of care into the fosters you take in.  I couldn't ask for a better companion.

I attached a little collage of photos I've taken of him since I adopted him last year (maybe the year before), so you can see that he has a happy puppy life.
Thank you so much for letting me adopt him!

 Warmest Regards,
Christina, Pawni, & Rylo"


- Ziggy and Dashwood -

- Dorothy and Rose -
Dorothy and Rose are senior girls that were surrendered in one of our Oregon shelters together with the loss of the mom and decline in health of their dad.  They were in pretty rough shape when they got to us and went home with Adria for rehabilitation care.  After almost a year with no adoption interests Adria decided that she wanted to keep these sweet seniors in her loving care.

- Mac -

- Freddie -

- Fancy -

- Max -


- Delilah -

- Asher -

- Karl -

09/20/2020 Karl update
"I just wanted to reach out to say thank you for what you do. I am so in love with Karl and can’t imagine my life (especially now) without him. He’s super spoiled - loves bike rides, walks, Hammock snuggles, and hikes.)  ... and he’s so smart!  He’s learned play dead, roll over, waits to eat, and so much more! He brings me so much joy. Thank you!"

- Poppie -

- Biscuit -

- Duckie -

- Scottie -

- Deja -

- Snickers -
Not a new placement, but a great pupdate.

- Cozy -

- Rue -

- Wizard -

- Murray -

- Midnight  now Goliath -

- Fritz -

- Trisha -

- Pixlee -

- Suzy Q, formerly Sissy -

05/15/2020 Update on Suzy Q
"Suzy is the best dog I think I'll ever have. Her new name is Suzy Q and I couldn't ask for a better dog friend. She's so smart, she listens and obeys, she's good off leash in my yard, she loves my cats, and is a very adaptable and secure little pup. If you are in touch with her former family, please let them know she is well loved and very well adjusted.

A month ago a friend reached out to me about another Pom they found on Petfinder. It seemed she was at the Multonomah shelter, "unadoptable", due to fear. Fortunately she found her way to Harmoney New Beginnings Rescue in Sheridan and then into my home and heart. She has past trauma, but a loving home and some consistency and understanding has already worked wonders!!I

I'd like to introduce you to my crew: Happy the Cat, Suzy Q, and newest addition Winnie the Poof (formerly Minnie)! 

I hope your rescue is weathering this weird storm. Thank you for what you do. I'm so grateful for the new dogs in my life!!!"

- Scout -

In 2019
Rescues - 74 - including 30 seniors over 7 years.
(33 Pomeranians and Pom Mix, Chihuahua and Chi Mix)
Placements - 83
Extreme Special Needs and/or Major Surgeries - 7
Financial needs assistance -  4 instances

Our numbers are down a bit this year.  We needed a break. We have been driving so hard with the expansion construction that we just needed a bit of time off.  We had an amazing extended vacation the end of the year and are back refreshed.  Even with this break our five year average is over 100.

Click here to see some of those placements.



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